Brothers Drake Meadery

Brothers Drake Meadery
26 E 5th Ave
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 388-8765

Top Tastes:

1. Apple Pie Mead
2. Sour Paw Paw Mead
3. Chocolate Raspberry Mead
4. The Perley Cocktail
5. Wild Ohio Mead

Confession: until not long ago, I thought I didn’t like mead. I had tried a few brands here and there, but was not at all impressed. Then something shifted: I tried Brothers Drake Meadery. I went to the taproom and took a behind-the-scenes tour for the first time recently, and loved every second of it.

Outside of Brothers Drake Meadery

In case you didn’t know, mead is a wine-like drink made from honey, which is fermented and turned into a delicious adult beverage. This is one alcohol market that has been slow to grow, but is slowly making its way to the forefront. In fact, Brothers Drake is  a major player in the mead industry, and is working to expand production to keep up with demand.  The meadery is also home to a small stage, and hosts live music of all genres almost every day.

The original flagship mead is Wild Ohio, a light and refreshing wildflower honey version. This signature mead gets repurposed for a number of other meads, such as Hopped Ohio, which is the Wild Ohio that has hops added, or the Honey Oak, a barrel-aged variety. Fruit lovers will be smitten with the Peach Rush, or my personal favorite, the Apple Pie mead. Apple Pie tastes like fall in a glass, cinnamon-heavy and sweet.

The Menu at Brothers Drake Meadery

Definitely do yourself a favor and do the meadery tour, even if you have previously sampled many of the brand’s offerings. It costs $10, and trust me, you get your money’s worth in mead tastes. Plus, you often get to try rare varieties of the mead, which are not available to the public. We got to try a bit of the mouthwatering Chocolate Raspberry flavor, and it was perfect – all the savory notes of cocoa without being overly sugary. Other limited releases like the Brioso Coffee-infused Mead and the Sour Paw Paw Mead should be snapped up if you see them too.

You would think that a place with such tasty mead options might slack in the cocktail department, but not so here. One of my favorites, recommended to me by a reader, was The Perley. This concoction is made with Ginger Verve mead and pear juice, and is named for Angela Perley, a favorite local musician. It recently left the seasonal menu, but catch it when you can! The new menu’s Sweet Blueberry Tart (Bergamot Blue mead, Fifth Element Vodka, elderflower liqueur, blueberries + fresh lemon juice) is a good substitute. There are also local spirits and craft beers on tap as well, if you just can’t be convinced that mead is for you.

Mead from Brothers Drake

If you feel burnt out on beer and wine tours, be sure to check out Brothers Drake! I can promise you will have a good time, and that you’ll become a mead convert like me.

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Caroline’s Picks: 5 Bourbon Cocktails to Try

Caroline's Picks: 5 Bourbon Cocktails to Try
I’ve never been shy about the fact that I enjoy bourbon. I think it is perfect on the rocks, but I also love it in a cocktail. With bourbon’s rise in popularity, many of our local distillers have been rushing to create bourbon offerings of their own. With selections like Watershed Bourbon, OYO Bourbon Whiskey Michelone Reserve, and newcomer Mill Street Distillery Bourbon, there are certainly plenty of on-the-rocks options. But if you are looking for a blended cocktail, here are 5 bourbon-based cocktails to catch in Columbus.

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Drink Up Columbus Collaboration

Drink Up Columbus Collaboration
I am excited to announce a new venture for Columbus Culinary Connection! Each month, I will have an original recipe featured in Drink Up Columbus! Drink Up Columbus has long been one of my favorite Cbus publications, and is a go-to source for all things booze-related in Columbus. They have been so successful in our market that they recently launched Drink Up Cincinnati, to enlighten Cincy residents about the beverage scene there too.

I love to cook, and enjoy using local products in my recipes, so this collaboration is a natural fit. Columbus has so many brews and spirits available that it will not be hard to concoct some brand-new dishes under the Drink Up Columbus umbrella for your enjoyment each month. The first article highlights some great pairings of ice cream with Columbus-based beers and liquors, creating some amazing ice cream floats. Below you will find a few photos from my experiments with spiked floats.

To learn more about Drink Up Columbus, and to see my first monthly recipe posted there, check out the website here:

The Adult Root Beer Float

The Adult Root Beer Float

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice

Ingredients for the Pumpkin Spice

Ingredients for Pumpkin Spice

Caramel Apple Shine

Caramel Apple Shine

Base for the Caramel Apple Shine

Base for the Caramel Apple Shine

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Introducing: Foodie Fight Friday Trivia

It’s trivia time! Get ready for a “foodie fight,” because starting this Friday, Columbus Culinary Connection will be posting a new food-related quiz question each Friday night. Test your wits about topics related to fun and food, both locally and across the U.S. Here’s how it works:

  • Follow Columbus Culinary Connection on Twitter and Instagram: @cbusconnect
  • Look for the trivia question graphic on Friday nights, #foodiefightfri
  • Post your best guess for the answer (write A, B, C, D) by comment or reply
  • Correct answers will be posted in the comments on Instagram, and by reply tweet on Twitter after a number of users have answered
  • Sign up for my monthly newsletter where I will recognize the weekly winners.

Instagram Foodie Fight Friday
To whet your appetite and kick-start your brain for Friday, try your hand at the questions below. Find the answers at the bottom of the post.

1. The Circleville Pumpkin Show is one of the best Central Ohio festivals, featuring tasty pumpkin treats. What year did this favorite fall festival begin?

A. 1887            B. 1948              C. 1994           D. 1903

2. The Aztecs have been credited with being one of the first to crush peanuts into a chunky paste resembling peanut butter. Which major PB producer created the crunchy version of the spread as we know it today?

A. JIF                 B. Peter Pan      C. Skippy        D. Reese’s

3. Do you recognize this local dining hot spot? Where was this snapshot taken?
Foodie Fight Friday Graphic

A. The Crest     B. The Whitney House       C. The Crafty Pint         D. The Pearl

I love trivia, and I think it is apparent that I am obsessed with food, so this will be a match made in heaven! Start looking for the hashtag #foodiefightfri to answer and play along. Thanks for reading!

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Answer Key

  1. D    2. C     3. B

Buckeye Lake Winery

Buckeye Lake Winery
Buckeye Lake Winery
13750 Rosewood Rd
Thornville, OH 43076

Let me preface this article by saying that I know that Buckeye Lake has been in the press lately for some negative reasons. If you aren’t aware, much of the lake’s summer boat traffic was eliminated by the lowering of the dam’s water levels. Please don’t let that deter you from going to Buckeye Lake Winery! It truly is a tranquil place with tasty small plates and incredibly kind owners.

The atmosphere is by far my favorite aspect of visiting the winery. The interior of the building is well-decorated, but you must sit outside if you can. The patio is enormous, filled with umbrella-topped tables and shade trees, as well as a gorgeous view of the lake. You can also find a firepit, surrounded by a number of super-comfy Adirondack chairs. Snag one of these chairs if you can – they are so relaxing to sit in, and they have a built-in wine holder slot.  In fact, I liked them so much that I bought two for my own home! There is also live music outside on many weekend days. It is indisputably a picturesque spot to spend an afternoon, just watching the water and enjoying the wine.

The Scenery at Buckeye Lake Winery

Speaking of wine, Buckeye Lake Winery has some solid wine options. I am partial to the Lake View Red (a dry red blend), but there are plenty of great choices made just for the winery, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Zinfandel, and Lake View White, a dry white blend. All are made with California grapes, with the exception of the new Sweet Lake View, which is made on-site with Ohio grapes. Try a flight to sample them all and find one that suits you!

Lakeview Red at Buckeye Lake Winery

The small plates menu is small, but very satisfying. Nothing goes better with wine (or anything else for that matter) than cheese, and the Walnut and Apple Brie, served warm with port wine reduction and crostini hits the spot. Don’t miss the Deep-fried Green Beans, or the Winery Chips, house-made and topped with French Onion sauce, Parmesan cheese and scallions. My absolute favorite item though? The Fig and Gorgonzola flatbread. You should probably order two, because you won’t want to share. This pizza delight contains garlic cream sauce, mission figs, smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and gorgonzola, meeting all the sweet and salty cravings you’ve ever had. There are a few dinner selections with entrees like salmon, strip steak, and chicken penne, but ordering a bunch of small plates is so much more fun because you can try everything that way! The winery also offers brunch on Sundays from 11-2, complete with menu items such as eggs benedict, bagels + lox, and made-to-order omelettes.

The Food at Buckeye Lake Winery

So, stop in and visit Buckeye Lake Winery! Get there before warm weather is over to enjoy the magical patio and serene vibes.

Culinary Clue: If you are a food truck fan, stop in on Tuesdays for Food Truck Tuesdays! They feature a different mobile eatery each week, so you can nosh on a variety of treats while you imbibe!

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Seventh Son Brewing Review

Seventh Son Brewing Review
1101 N. 4th St.
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 421-BEER

Top Tastes:

1. The Scientist IPA
2. Humulus Nimbus Super Pale Ale
3. Seventh Son Urban Cowboy Belgian Stout
4. Syzygy Double IPA
5. Prime Swarm Saison

If you like craft beer and live in Columbus, you’ve likely sampled some of the tasty offerings from Seventh Son. They have very distinctive labels that make their bottled brews easy to spot on the shelf when you’re shopping for good suds. This Italian Village-based gem has both great beers and a spacious taproom, making it a winner in my book.
Beer from Seventh Son Brewing
Let’s start with the most important part: the beers! Humulus Nimbus Super Pale Ale is a light and golden selection, perfect for summer drinking. Try the coffee version of Humulus Nimbus too, infused with Thunderkiss cold brew coffee; it pairs well with brunch. Syzygy Double IPA is a hoppy treat, and I am a sucker for a good DIPA. Seventh Son also does a lot of collaboration beers, which I love. Breweries supporting other breweries is one of the things that makes Columbus so great. The brainchild of one of those collabs is Urban Cowboy Belgian Stout, a dark and flavorful blend of Rockmill Brewery yeast and Seventh Son hops and malt. Prime Swarm Saison is a honey-laced beer that will please any palate, and packs a punch of ABV for a saison. The Scientist is an interesting concept beer too. This IPA is like an experiment, in that each batch brewed alters one component to make it different from the last – different hops, different malts, or different amounts of either make you want to taste each version of this beer.

Seventh Son Brewery Door

Another reason to visit Seventh Son is for the perfection of the interior. There is a mix of old and new in the taproom, with industrial touches combined with antique bottles and funky wood. Don’t forget to greet Old Horatio, the Assistant Manager/resident cat, who has his own Instagram following at Plus, there are patios in both the front and the back of the space!

Old Hiratio the Assistant Manager Cat

Like many local breweries, there is no food served here, but you won’t go hungry! Seventh Son has a super-regular food truck schedule, (posted on their website here: consisting of a truck each evening and sometimes at lunch or brunch. I’ve caught up with Cbus favorites like Challah, Por’Ketta, and Sophie’s Pierogi here!

Culinary Clue: Seventh Son is one of the stops on the Columbus Ale Trail. Pick up a passport at a participating brewery, then get to traveling! At every location, ask the bartender to stamp your passport. When you visit 4 breweries, you will receive a Columbus Ale Trail pint glass. If you check in at all 20 breweries on the list, you will get an awesome t-shirt! 

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Zauber Brewing Review

Zauber Brewing Review

Zauber Brewing
909 West Fifth Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212
(614) 456-7074

Tap Room | Zauber Brewing ReviewTop Tastes:

1. Roggen Rye
2. Berzerker Belgian IPA
3. Zandy Shandy
4. Vertigo Hefeweizen
5. Columbus Cider

When you step into Zauber Brewing, you instantly know this is your next happy hour hangout. The warehouse-like space is both cozy and casual, filled with long picnic tables and industrial decor. Another great thing about Zauber is that it is located in Grandview, which happens to be a suburban craft beer mecca. (This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the food and drink scene in Grandview Heights. To learn more, click here)

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As I’ve mentioned before, Zauber’s hefeweizen offering, Vertigo, is one of my favorite beers for summertime sipping. This brew is light but full of banana and clove flavor, making for a drinking experience that is both interesting and approachable. Berzerker, a Belgian IPA, is a perfect combo of yeasty, hoppy, and fruity that anyone can love. My favorite of all is the Roggen, a roggenbier with delicate rye notes and a drinkable 5.5% ABV. When the season calls for it, sample the Märzen or the Oktoberfest styles, which don’t disappoint either. For happy hour, check out their $3.50 specials from 4-7 through the week. Or pop in on Mondays, when a liter (!) of Zauber beer is only $6 – this can be a problem, it’s such a good deal!

Vertigo | Zauber Brewing Review

Surprisingly enough for a brewery, Zauber’s cocktails are equally wonderful. Many are made with their beers, which is my own personal heaven. I loved the Zandy Shandy: Domaine de Canton (ginger liqueur), Ginger Beer, Lemonade, and a splash of Vertigo beer. Or try the Columbus Cider for fall in a glass: OYO Bourbon mixed with Mad Moon Cider, Nutmeg, Lemon Juice, Art in the Age Rhubarb Liqueur, Apple Bitters, and Simple Syrup. Ask for the Red Brigade for a fun take on a negroni, which combines Berzerker IPA, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, St. Germain, and Cherry.

Zandy Shandy | Zauber Brewing Review

No food is served at Zauber, but they have one of the most regular food truck schedules of any brewery, with the same trucks often in the same time slot every week. Or, get carryout from one of the other great local eateries and bring it to the new bier garden to munch while you drink. I’ve done this with Bar 145, AAB Indian, and Third and Hollywood, all of which went wonderfully with Zauber brews.

Zauber Logo | Zauber Brewing ReviewCulinary Clue: Are you a soccer fan? Zauber is your dream bar to watch matches! They have a large amount of TV’s that are almost always tuned to soccer coverage. There is also swag from different teams decorating the interior. Look on their facebook page for soccer-related events. Or, if you are a Clippers fan, fill up a glass at Huntington Park, which offers their suds too.

This is the inaugural review post for my Grandview culinary scene series. Sign up here to automatically be informed when new Grandview posts are released! To see my breakdown of the best Grandview spots for dining and shopping, check out the initial roundup post here.

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Neighborhood Spotlight Grandview Heights

Neighborhood Spotlight: Grandview Heights

Peabody Papers | Neighborhood SpotlightOne of my favorite sections of Columbus is without a doubt Grandview Heights. This quiet neighborhood has beautiful homes to view, drool-worthy restaurants, and stellar shops to meet your every need. It seems as though every day a new spot is opening up here, making Grandview a neighborhood that just keeps evolving. If you are looking for a walkable place to explore, this friendly suburb needs to be on your bucket list! Below is a compilation of a few of my favorite places to visit in Grandview, but the list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, I am doing a whole neighborhood spotlight series on this town!  Sign up here and I’ll notify you as new Grandview-centric posts are released.

For Foodies:

Some of Columbus’ most beloved restaurants are located within Grandview Heights proper. Brunch at Third and Hollywood, where the garlicky biscuits and pimento cheese will keep you coming back for more. For casual pub fare, Matt the Miller’s Tavern is your best bet, or drop into DK Diner for delicious down-home meals and donuts. The Pear and Brie wood-fired pizza at Figlio is always a dish I crave, as is the peanut butter-banana sandwich from Krema Nut Third & Hollywood | Neighborhood Spotlight GrandviewCompany. Score tasty ethnic dishes like the tikka masala at AAB Indian Restaurant or the falafel at Mazah. If an upscale dining experience is what you seek, Spagio has an elegant atmosphere and amazing lobster bisque. For burgers and bourbon, try Bar 145. Don’t miss the festive German vibes at Hofbraühaus Columbus for pretzels and a huge beer garden. Local Cantina and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams both have noteworthy outposts here as well. Put Grandview on your list of dining destinations!

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For Shop-a-holics:

Spend an afternoon strolling around Grandview Avenue, browsing some great local stores. Start at the Candle Lab, where you can make a one-of-a-kind candle by picking out your own custom fragrance combinations. Scents range from classic (coconut, lavender) to quirky (bacon, wasabi) and every smell in between. Your candle will be ready for pick-up by the time you’re done The Candle Labshopping. Head over to Peabody Papers next, where you can choose from a wide range of paper products, including invitations, stationary, and gifts. They offer made-to-order monogrammed thank you cards as well, which I absolutely love. Then, proceed to The Oilerie, where you can sample olive oil and vinegar ’til your heart’s content. Purchase bottles of blueberry balsamic vinegar or cinnamon EVOO to inspire your home cooking. After you’re worn out from all that walking, head over to The Blowout Bar to pamper yourself. Pick up some Stauf’s coffee on the way to help you unwind while you get a relaxing scalp massage and a new ‘do. A blowout here ensures you will have perfect hair for days! During the summer, the last Saturday of the month brings the Grandview Hop, an open-air market on the streets, to snap up some funky art pieces or handmade wares. Fashionistas will adore the selections of dresses and tees at Thread, and the interesting metal jewelry at The Smithery. Cap off the evening with a cooking class at The Commissary!

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For Hop-Heads:

The craft beer scene in Columbus is thriving, but Grandview in particular has established itself as a beer mecca. There are so many breweries here that there is a whole alliance dedicated to promoting it! (See more here: Four String Brewing on 6th Avenue has an amazing happy hour in their taproom. Zauber Brewing, in my opinion, has some of the best beer offerings in town, coupled with a cozy, industrial bar and great cocktails.  Smokehouse Brewing hosts some awesome events, such as the Mini Real Ale Fest and the biannual Oysters and Stout pairings. Sideswipe Brewing and Knotty Pine Brewing are great recent Grandview additions to the Columbus craft beer scene as well. For growler fills in the area, and to grab a slice of some tasty Honeykiss Bakery pie, drop in to the Ohio Taproom. Maifest and Digfest are fun area festivals to listen to tunes and try some Grandview beers.


Make a day trip to Grandview, and then come back again and again, to catch all of the destinations you missed on the first trip. Or to see many of the city’s food and beer hot spots, book a tour with Columbus Brew Adventures or Columbus Food Adventures; both groups have tours focused entirely on Grandview. To learn more about all of the great places to visit in Grandview, check out Their site will give you even more ideas about what to do and see! This is a introductory post for my series on Grandview.  Sign up here and I’ll notify you as new Grandview-centric posts are released.

What are your favorite Grandview locales? Is there another neighborhood you’d like to see featured next? Let me know in the comments below.

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Caroline’s Picks: Top 5 Columbus Beers for Summer

Top 5 Columbus Brews for Summer
There are few things that more quintessentially define summer than drinking a beer outdoors on a perfect warm day. Fortunately for us, Columbus has some great options for smooth and flavorful patio-ready beers. Below, you will find my 5 favorite local brews that are exactly what you’ve been craving as summer begins.

Columbus Brewing Summer TeethColumbus Brewing Company: Summer Teeth

This offering from CBC is easily one of my top picks for summer. It’s name says it all – drinkability with a kick. Kellerbier is an unsung hero of the craft beer world, lending a much-needed combo of lemon grassiness and bitterness. Don’t miss Summer Teeth at many of the Columbus festivals this season!



Land Grant GreenskeeperLand-Grant Brewing: Greenskeeper 

Land-Grant’s session IPA is ideal for the golf course or at a cookout. I normally shy away from such low ABV beers for obvious reasons, but this one, even at 4.6%, makes me rethink my views. The citrusy notes and just a touch of hops found here are all you need for any occasion. Learn more about Land-Grant beers here:



Rockmill Petite SaisonRockmill Brewery: Petite Saison

Don’t let the saison label fool you – this beer packs a punch of flavor with the style Rockmill does best. One hazy pour of this yeasty delight is all you’ll need and you will be hooked on this creamy, spicy take on a saison. Learn more about Rockmill here:



Zauber HefeweizenZauber Brewing: Vertigo 

Vertigo is Zauber’s hefeweizen selection, and it doesn’t disappoint. Sweet banana and vanilla notes will appeal even to skeptics of German beers. This a crisp and refreshing choice for summertime sipping.




Sideswipe Pixelated SunSideswipe Brewing: Pixelated Sun

Sunshine in a bottle is the best description I have for this brew. An American Pale Wheat Ale, Pixelated Sun deserves more love. With a 6% ABV, Citra Hops, and a wheaty backbone, Sideswipe’s seasonal should be on your list of must-haves too.


What other beers are your summertime favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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Lineage Brewing Review

Lineage Brewing Reivew
2971 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43202

Top Tastes:
1. Spaceship # 6 IPA
2. Banh Mi Hand Pie
3. Bacon Spread
4. Allumé Saison
5. Ryemora Rye

Normally, Columbus Culinary Connection posts are either focused on primarily food or just on beverages. However, once I went to Lineage Brewing, I knew that I would never be able to choose which to highlight here – the brews and the food offerings are equally delicious! So here are my favorites aspects of both eating and drinking at Lineage. The interior of Lineage is ultra-modern and clean, with a garage door that they open when the weather is nice. Lots of the decor is reclaimed, or was specially created by local woodworkers for the brewery. This makes it the perfect spot to linger with friends.

Menu | Lineage Brewing Review

Let’s start with the beer. For a new brewery, there is no shortage of beer options at Lineage. I am not typically a fan of rye beers, but really enjoyed the Ryemora rye style available during my first visit. For fans of lighter beers, the Shoot-the-Chutes cream ale is super smooth, or try the fruity blackberry wheat, Scàrale. The new saison, Allumé, is a yeasty delight, and Spaceship #6 is a solid IPA option. Get a flight in one of these cool, locally made sampler boards to sip tastes of all their beer styles. The bar also carries liquor, Mad Moon Cider, and Rambling House sodas for other options.

Beer Flight | Lineage Brewing Review

When it comes to snacking, Lineage has you covered here too. You can find pretzels and chicken wings at any bar, but at this brewery, they have decided to limit the menu to a few unique items, and execute them well. Hand pies are the signature dish, in fun varieties such as samosa, duck, and Tuscan spinach. My favorite is the Banh Mi, stuffed with pork meatballs in an Asian-inspired braising sauce; it’s served with pickled veggies on the side and cilantro mayo for dipping. The bourbon-bacon spread is perfectly plated with crusty bread and a poached egg. They also just released a new baked Camembert, wrapped in Dan the Baker‘s pie crust and topped with strawberry compote, which I am dying to try. So for some interesting bar bites and great brews, head to Lineage Brewing!

Meat Pie | Lineage Brewing Review

Culinary Clue: Ride your bike here! Lineage is located right off of the Olentangy Bike Path, and has bike racks with tons of space out front. You will often catch local Clintonville residents at Lineage in biking gear, so save on gas and do the same.

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