Kittie’s Cakes Bexley

Kittie's Cakes Bexley

Kittie’s Cakes Bexley
2424 E. Main St.
Bexley, OH 43209
(614) 754-8828

The magic of Kittie’s Cakes is real. The original German Village location is so memorable it was one of my first-ever blog posts, and even after the passage of time and the consumption of innumerable treats, my infatuation hasn’t waned. So upon learning that Kittie’s opened a new Bexley outpost, I was there in a jiffy. The shop is small but bright, and is attached to Gramercy Books, the perfect place for browsing to walk off your carb overload.

Kitties Cakes Bexley Storefront

All the baked-fresh-daily goodies you already know and love are there, including the enchanting mini cupcakes, bacon cheddar scones ( I repeat BACON ), cinnamon rolls, as well as other delicacies. Don’t forget about the Facecookies either – immense, thin cookies larger than your entire head. Go for the chocolate chip, adorned with a sprinkle of salt.

Mini Cupcake from Kittie's Cakes Bexley

But there’s even more bites to cherish at Kittie’s Bexley cafe. The infamous Egg Sammie, only for sale on Sunday at the GV bakery, is available from 7-12 every day. The sandwich consists of a fluffy egg wedged in the middle of an “everything bagel” spice-sprinkled biscuit. Add a drizzle of hot honey, and this sammie is worth the drive alone. Another new menu addition is the yogi and granola: plain yogurt, house granola, and lemon curd. From lunch until close, there are different “between bread” options. Take the Caprese, homemade foccacia topped with pesto, fresh mozz, and tomato; it’s simple and perfect. You can also sample the cashew butter and strawberry jam sammie, or nibble on the housemade cheese crackers. Have you noticed everything is made from scratch yet? The selections are limited, but when the choices are this good, you won’t leave hungry.

The Egg Sammie from Kitties Cakes

Most important of all, the new shop has extended hours from the original bakery. Now, sell outs are less likely with increased production, and you can enjoy your favorite items until 6 or 7 at night. And with a focus on a laptop-free environment, Kittie’s is a great place to unwind with a cup of Stumptown coffee, a chai latte, or hot chocolate with (you guessed it) shop-made marshmallows.

Culinary Clue: Don’t forget to try to catch Linus the Golden Retriever (linus_the_golden_retriever on Instagram) when he visits. He is the shop’s lovable mascot, and has even been known to balance cupcakes on his nose! His moms (the owners) give back to many charities through the business, including the Capital Area Humane Society.

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Boozy Recipe Round-up with Drink Up Columbus

Wine Slushies

I have to kick off another year of blogging with 2 wonderful things: local libations and easy recipes. The solution: sharing a collection of the booze-infused concoctions I’ve created for Drink Up Columbus. If you haven’t checked out Cheryl Harrison’s website, which showcases news about the Cbus craft beer and spirits scene, click here ASAP. It’s been fun finding a way to sneak adult beverages into some of my favorite foods, or create new cocktails with a Columbus twist. Below, you’ll find some simple ways to wow your Super Bowl party guests or stir up an elegant champagne sipper.

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Bring Us a Figgy Pudding (or a Fig Rosemary Sparkler)

Fig Rosemary Sparkler
And bring it right here! Ring in the new year in style with this simple and stylish libation. The cocktail starts with bourbon and foolproof Fig Rosemary simple syrup, all topped off with the celebratory staple of champagne. This is a sipper to savor on December 31st! READ MORE…

Forget Taco Tuesday: Drunken Tostadas

Forget Taco Tuesday: Drunken Tostadas
Listen, I love tacos as much as the next gal. But sometimes you want something different! The solution is to switch up your vessel. Tostada shells are better than tacos because you can layer them as high as you want without judgment. Plus since they are open-faced, you can put an egg on top. And the number one rule of cooking is: a runny egg on top makes anything taste good. I think Julia Child said that. Or maybe just me. When you use beer and enchilada sauce to slow-cook the shredded beef, you’ve got the perfect quick dinner in no time. READ MORE…

Super Bowl Slice: Razz Wheat JELL-O Shots

Super Bowl Slice: Razz Wheat JELL-O Shots
It’s time for the Super Bowl! Take a break from watching all that football and those zany commercials, and indulge in something that will please any partygoer: Jackie O’s JELL-O shots. These wicked little wedges are disguised as orange slices, but they use local Razz Wheat beer instead of water, for obvious reasons. But because the beer doesn’t provide quite enough punch, let’s booze it up! I’ve added some moonshine from Mill Street Distillery to kick it up another notch. No matter which team you’re rooting for, these fruity treats will score a touchdown with your guests. READ MORE…

American Pie: Boozy Double Apple Pie Parfait recipe

American Pie: Boozy Double Apple Pie Parfait recipe
Let’s put it out there: you love pie, but you’re lazy. It’s ok, no judgment. Sometimes you just don’t feel like coring 14 apples and making a basket-weave out of dough, right? But there’s nothing more American than apple pie and alcohol, so combine your affinity for apple pie with your adoration of Brothers Drake Apple Pie mead, and you’ve got an easy parfait that’s perfect for the winter months. Brothers Drake’s mead is sublime on its own (especially in the bourbon-barrel aged variety) so adding the Apple Pie mead here amps up the fruity goodness of the pie filling! READ MORE…

Apple of My Eye: Salty Caramel + Apple Infused Whiskey

Salty Caramel + Apple Infused Whiskey
Summer is waning, and it’s going to start getting cold soon. No one wants this change, but you can console yourself is with apple picking and boozy beverages. And all good Columbus residents know that Salty Caramel is the best Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream flavor, right? So when you combine apples, Salty Caramel and OYO Whiskey, magic happens. READ MORE…

Winter is Coming: Pumpkin Beer Chili

Winter is Coming: Pumpkin Beer Chili
If you are anything like me, you have a ton of of straggler pumpkin beers in your fridge. You know, the six packs where you get super pumped about fall, and buy a bunch of “basic” pumpkin brews. I have the solution for the impending winter temps – using leftover pumpkin beer for this ultra-satisfying chili. It’s perfect for tailgating and cozying up on cold winter nights. READ MORE…

Get Rich or Pie Trying: Boozy Berry Hand Pies

Get Rich or Pie Trying: Boozy Berry Hand Pies
Columbus is having a bit of a Pie Renaissance. From savory spinach delights at Lineage Brewing, to the Honeykiss Bakery Salted Chocolate Pie (swoon!) at the Ohio Taproom, it’s obvious that alcohol and pie are a perfect pairing. The only thing better? Putting a favorite local spirit, OYO Stone Fruit Vodka, in your pie! These flaky blueberry-laden delights are your drink and dessert in one, and are dangerously easy to create. Think of them like a boozy adult pop-tart! READ MORE…

Float On: five recipes for booze-filled floats

Caramel Apple Shine
If you’ve ever been to The Whitney House, you know about boozy floats. These adults-only concoctions are the ideal way to combine your desire to imbibe and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. Because let’s be honest – the only way to improve the classic root beer float is to add alcohol to it! Fortunately, Columbus has some great breweries and distilleries as well as ice cream artisans which are perfect for pairing. Here are five floats for you to fancy: READ MORE…

Wine Down: Wine Slushies

Wine Slushies
Slushies are for adults too! Nothing cools you down like a frozen treat, and adding wine to anything is a good idea, so whipping up a batch of wine slushies is the perfect way to beat the summer heat. I used the Lake View White blend from Buckeye Lake Winery in my concoction, and they were slurped up in no time! READ MORE…

2017 Restaurant Bucket List

The best and worst thing about Columbus’ phenomenal food scene is that there is always a new restaurant to try. I did a pretty good job at conquering last year’s locales, but this year there is a fresh crop of eateries to enjoy! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the cuisine at the places below before 2017 ends:


Cosecha Columbus
Photo Credit: Silas Caeton

With a Mexican-inspired focus and Salt & Pine’s Silas Caeton at the helm, this new venture can’t go wrong. The spot doesn’t open until early 2017, but you can bet I’ll be first in line. The pop-ups they’ve had around town have looked divine. Pictured: Grilled octopus with mojo-marinated cabbage, red mole, and roasted taters.

Simply Rolled

A fun twist on Thai ice cream rolls, these treats are hard to track down but the reaction from fans radiates positivity. A flavored cream base is poured onto cold stones, mixed with toppings, and scraped into pretty rolls. Catch them at a festival or pop-up near you!

The Avenue Steak Tavern

The Avenue Steak Tavern
Photo Credit: The Avenue

As a huge Cameron Mitchell cheerleader, I must be crazy for failing to eat a full meal at this Grandivew joint. The classic steakhouse interior always looks inviting, and I’m such a sucker for a well-prepared steak. Plus, they have baked cheese fondue. When melty cheese is on the menu, you must order it, end of story.


Brunch is always a good idea, but when your diner of choice seeks out seasonal ingredients to create scrumptious-sounding comfort food, you can’t delay in visiting. I’ve got to visit Skillet in 2017, so I can gobble up entrees like quiche made with roasted butternut squash, kale, chevre, fresh thyme, and shallot baked in flaky pastry.


This Reynoldsburg watering hole has been on my radar for awhile. The number one reason: a bruschetta bar! Mix and match varieties like Brie and apple with fig jam, burrata and bacon, or ricotta, dates, and pistachios sound heavenly, plus there is some great happy hour pricing on beer and wine.

Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee's
Photo Credit – Paulie Gee’s

Where did I go wrong that I still haven’t made it to Paulie Gee’s, home of the mini pizza flight? That’s right, no more confining your choices to one pie – you can devour 3! When the menu contains pizza combos like the Monte Cristo (Canadian bacon, gouda, maple syrup) or The Katzingers 83 (swiss, pastrami, sauerkraut, Russian dressing drizzle), I’m drooling already.

Tensuke Express

A quick-service spot inside a beloved Japanese market, Tensuke Express cuts out the sushi and focuses solely on other delicacies. Dishes like ramen bowls, pork cutlet fried rice, and spicy shrimp udon make up the diverse menu, and I’m dying to try them all!

de Novo on the Park

The views of the new de Novo location look stunning, with large windows facing Columbus Commons and eclectic furnishings. The menu is intriguing as well – Duck BLT sliders, lobster mac, and kangaroo (!) too. I’m sold on noshing here next year!

Did I miss any noteworthy restaurant you love? Tell me in the comments below.

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Caroline’s Picks: 5 Burgers to Try

There’s no reason to suffer from burger boredom in the capital city! Columbus has succulent options from traditional to daring, each dressed with more than just lettuce and tomato. Here are 5 of my absolute favorites!

One Red Door Burger – Flipside Easton
Flipside One Red Door Burger

Oh, the pangs of hunger that a mere mention of this burger can inflict. Every time I eat it, I’m amazed that more people aren’t slapping Brie on a burger instead of cheddar. It’s creamy, melts easily, and is the perfect complement to the crispy shallots and bacon-date aioli that round out this masterpiece.

P-B-B & J Burger – The Pint Room

Hear me out before you start to get concerned. Peanut butter on burgers is seriously trending right now, and The Pint Room’s take is a glorious take on a childhood favorite. Think drippy peanut butter, candied bacon, cheese, strawberry preserves, and strawberry slices, all blending together for a sweet and salty treat atop the patty. Load up on the napkins – this burger is messy and tasty!

The Soul Burger – Soul at The Joseph
Soul at the Joseph

Consisting of juicy beef, Nueske’s Bacon, manchego, greens, pickled zucchini, and Meyer lemon garlic aioli sandwiched between a brioche bun, this beauty of a burger can’t be missed. I’m definitely not a pickle person, but there’s something extra special about the house-pickled zucchini here, and I’m smitten. And that aioli! I could slather it on just about anything.

Read more about Soul at The Joseph here.

Northstar Burger – Northstar Cafe
Northstar Cafe Burger

In addition to having the best ginger ale I’ve ever consumed, Northstar boasts a veggie burger that even a carnivore like me can crave. Made with organic black beans, brown rice, and beets, this faux burger patty is topped with white cheddar, kale, and more veggies. Good to eat and good for you.

Tavern Burger – Rockmill Tavern
Rockmill Tavern Burger

To close this list of drool-worthy burgers, newcomer Rockmill’s Tavern burger has all the components you’d desire: locally ground beef from The Butcher & Grocer, bacon jam, bright pickled onion, sharp cheddar, and dijonnaise for some zing. The bun of this sammy is a ciabatta roll, perfect for soaking up those juices without falling apart – the worst of all burger sins.

Read more about Rockmil Tavern here.

Tell me, Columbus – what’s your favorite burger in town? There’s some other really juicy and delicious ones out there. Let me know in the comments below!

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Mini Lemon Tarts

Mini Lemon Tarts

I love lemon anything, whether it’s roasting chicken with lemon wedges, making limoncello with friends, or scarfing down the luscious lemon tarts at Pistachia Vera bakery. Especially once the cold hits, there’s nothing like that tangy citrus punch to recall warmer weather. I’m crazy about any dessert that takes less than 30 minutes to pull together too, so these mini lemon tarts fit the bill for simple and scrumptious.

Mini Lemon Tarts

Yield: 6 tarts


5 Tbsp. melted butter
1 1/4 c. graham cracker crumbs
1/4 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1 jar of lemon curd – 10 oz.

Whipped cream or meringue for topping.

Graham cracker crust

Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees. Next, begin mixing the melted butter, sugar, and graham cracker crumbs in a medium bowl until combined. Then, dividing the mixture evenly into six portions, sprinkle it into a muffin tin’s six separate holes. Press the crumbs firmly into the bottom of the muffin tin and up the sides, forming a crust for the tart. Bake the shells for 7 minutes or until just starting to brown.

Lemon Tart filling and crust

Let the crusts cool completely in the muffin tin. Then, using the whole jar of lemon curd, divide the curd between the shells, scooping spoonfuls into each tart equally.

Refrigerate the tarts in the muffin tin for 3 hours. Pop the tarts out and top them with whipped cream, or torch a little meringue for a miniature version of a lemon meringue pie. Store in the fridge if not serving immediately, but you should probably devour these quickly or risk not getting one!

Mini Lemon Tarts

Where are my lemon-heads? Share this recipe with the citrus-lover in your life here!

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Mini Lemon Tarts
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6
  • 5 Tbsp. melted butter
  • 1¼ c. graham cracker crumbs
  • ¼ c. sugar
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • 1 jar of lemon curd - 10 oz.
  • Whipped cream or meringue for topping.
  1. Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Next, begin mixing the melted butter, sugar, and graham cracker crumbs in a medium bowl until combined.
  3. Then, dividing the mixture evenly into six portions, sprinkle it into a muffin tin's six separate holes.
  4. Press the crumbs firmly into the bottom of the muffin tin and up the sides, forming a crust for the tart.
  5. Bake the shells for 7 minutes or until just starting to brown.
  6. Let the crusts cool completely in the muffin tin.
  7. Then, using the whole jar of lemon curd, divide the curd between the shells, scooping spoonfuls into each tart equally.
  8. Refrigerate the tarts in the muffin tin for 3 hours.
  9. Pop the tarts out and top them with whipped cream, or torch a little meringue for a minature version of a lemon meringue pie.


Brunchin’ it Up: Double Comfort

Double Comfort

Double Comfort
505 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Top Tastes:
1. Chicken and Waffles/Pork and Waffles
2. Ham and Egg Breakfast Biscuit
3. Firestorm cocktail
4. Breakfast Mac and Cheese
5. Ancho Blueberry Salad

Stacie from Little Adventures Await and I recently went on the Columbus Food Adventures brunch tour, hosted by Breakfast with Nick. We had so much fun, and one of our favorite stops was at Double Comfort, just across from the Convention Center on High Street. As we noshed and looked around at the local barnwood decor, I wondered how crazy I was that I hadn’t eaten a full meal here yet. My husband, a lover of all things gravy, and I decided to resolve this issue immediately.

Ham and Egg Breakfast Biscuit from Double Comfort

Kick your day off right by ordering up the powdered sugar-dusted beignets, or check out a biscuit sandwich for a smaller meal. For the sammies, pick your filling of griddled ham, egg, and cheddar, or fried chicken with house pepper jelly. The Breakfast Mac and Cheese was a fun dish you don’t see frequently, a heaping helping of cheesy noodles plated with two sunny side up eggs, bacon, and generous amounts of hot sauce. I rarely pick a salad for the top tastes section, but take note: the Ancho Blueberry Salad is fabulous, especially for a restaurant with a fried chicken focus. If you’re looking for a lighter meal, the greens are tossed with caramelized onions, blueberries, ancho chili granola, blue cheese, and a superb lemon vinaigrette.

Pork and Waffles from Double Comfort

For bigger appetites, the tender waffle dishes are a must. The Chicken and Waffles consists of a thigh and a juicy leg, plus the delectable 3 Sins syrup (maple syrup simmered with coffee, bacon, and bourbon) on the side. The Chicken Fried Pork Cutlet was a showstopper too. This cutlet is dredged and fried to such crispy, flavorful perfection that you have to try to believe. Once placed atop the waffle, the pork is smothered in thick “3 Pigs” gravy. Next visit, sweet potatoes will be on my mind – I’ll be trying the Duck and Sweet Potato Hash or the Sweet Potato Pancakes with praline crumble.

Bourbon Firestorm from Double Comfort

For brunchy cocktails, stick to Double Comfort’s good bourbon list or try a coffee concoction with Bailey’s, served warm or cold. On our brunch tour, we sampled Bloody Marys, but that’s just not my thing; however, the people that tried them really enjoyed the restaurant’s house mix. I’ll stick with the Firestorm, reminiscent of a pink mint julep.

Culinary Clue: Double Comfort also strives to give back to the Columbus community, with a “buy a meal, give a meal” donation policy, and use of local ingredients like cheese and chicken.

I’m always on the quest for more brunch spots. Where is your favorite Short North brunch locale?

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Double Comfort Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sweet Carrot

Sweet Carrot

1417 W 5th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43212

Top Tastes
1. Pulled Pork on Corn Cakes, Loaded
2. Roasted Carrot & Coconut Cookie
3. Fried Artichokes on Mac’n Cheese
4. Carrot Tomato Soup
5. Carrot Cake

Fast-casual is currently reigning supreme in Columbus, as consumers crave meals that are fresh, quick, and tasty. Sweet Carrot’s unique spin on this concept fits the bill, with a from-scratch focus and reasonable prices. Don’t be intimidated by all the carrot menu items – I’m not the biggest fan of the orange veggie and loved each item. In fact, I was so eager to try the grub served up at this Grandview locale, that it made this year’s restaurant bucket list.

Sweet Carroy


Let’s start with some background information. Sweet Carrot’s name comes from an anagram of “Two Caterers,” the company which evolved into a food truck and then the current eatery. They still have an extensive catering menu available, which would be a great way to feed a large group. Everything from the meats, which are smoked daily, to the baked goods and the barbecue sauce are made in-house. The dining space is light and modern, with wooden stools and tables carved with renderings of rabbits and carrots. There is also a selection of local beer and craft soda, ready for your consumption.

The patio at Sweet Carrot

To make a Sweet Carrot meal, first choose your protein from pulled pork, brisket, Ohio chicken meatballs, smoked turkey, and fried artichokes. This main selection can be plated as a sandwich in a yeasty, homemade roll, on a salad, with mac ‘n cheese, or a griddled corn cake as the base.  I opt for the pulled pork or fried artichokes atop the macaroni or corn cake for maximum deliciousness. The dish is then finished with a scoop of slaw for crunch, tangy house sauce, barbecue sauce, and corn salsa. Finally, make sure you if you didn’t order macaroni as the main component of your entree to ask for your meal “loaded.” This leads to the perfect addition of a scoop of macaroni and cheese to your order – mixing in such cheesy goodness can’t be wrong. Add some flavorful carrot tomato soup or chips with corn salsa on the side, but warning: you may not have room for anything else.

Dessert from Sweet Carrot

The desserts are just as worth a visit. You would expect carrot cake to be a staple here, and it is! As I mentioned, even the non-carrot cake obsessed will love the soft texture and the piped carrot atop the icing. But the cookies are where I think Sweet Carrot really shines. The large Roasted Carrot & Coconut cookie, covered in a tasty glaze is one of the best cookies I’ve ever had; the chocolate sandwich cookie and the lemon sugar cutout treats were divine as well. Cake pops and more solid cookie varieties round out the baked offerings.

Culinary Clue: I got a tip from one of the employees on my most recent visit that a new Sweet Carrot location is in the works. Here’s to more Coconut Carrot cookies for everyone as the business expands!

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PS. I’ve done an entire series of posts about places to visit in Grandview Heights.  You can check those out here.

Sweet Carrot Casual Cuisine Food Truck Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Fall Flavors 2016

Goumas Candyland offers up Caramel Apples

I totally get it: flavors like pumpkin and apple have become synonymous with the start of fall, and sometimes it can be overkill. But let’s face another reality: when all is said and done, we still find ourselves buying or ordering menu items with these ingredients because the dishes simply taste heavenly. So buckle up for a buffet of all the autumn eats I’ve enjoyed so far this season! Don’t forget about squash, sweet potatoes, and warming spices too. 


Snickerdoodle Cooki Sammies with Velvet Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Snickerdoodle Cookie Sammies with Velvet Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

Pumpkin Cashew Cream Toast and Beet Juice from Alchemy

Pumpkin Cashew Cream Toast and Beet Juice from Alchemy

Basic Fall Staple Pumpkin Spice Latte Waffles

Basic Fall Staple: Pumpkin Spice Latte Waffles

Apple Extravaganza

Goumas Candyland offers up Caramel Apples

Goumas Candyland offers up caramel apples

Donuts with maple apple compote from Wolf's Ridge Brewing

Donuts with maple apple compote from Wolf's Ridge Brewing

Brothers Drake Bourbon Barrel Apple Mead

Brothers Drake Bourbon Barrel Apple Pie Mead

Acorn squash stuffed with apple and sausage

Acorn squash stuffed with apple and sausage

Street Thyme Burger with brie and apples

Street Thyme burger with brie and apples

More Fall Fare

The new Rockmill Taverns comforting Duck Pot Pie

The new Rockmill Tavern's comforting Duck Pot Pie

Akoori Eggs from The Table on the Columbus Food Adventures Brunch Tour

Akoori Eggs from The Table on the Columbus Food Adventures Brunch Tour

Chili by the Fire

Hot chili by the fire

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams seasonal offerings Sweet Potato Eclair and chocolatey spicy Xocorosa

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams seasonal offerings Sweet Potato Eclair and chocolatey, spicy Xocorosa

Caroline’s Picks: 5 Avocado Dishes to Try

It’s an avocado extravaganza! Everyone’s favorite green food is trendy, tasty, and totally nutritious. I’ve rounded up some of the most crave-able dishes in town that make use of nature’s butter in creative and delicious ways. Avocado is great for more than just guacamole!

Avocado Toast: The Angry Baker
Avocado Toast: The Angry Baker

It seems you can’t find a spot that doesn’t serve avocado toast for brunch anymore, so I had to include one here. What sets the Angry Baker’s offering apart is its quality and simplicity. With housemade wheat bread as the base, the toast is topped with just lemon, salt, red pepper, and alfalfa sprouts, and that’s all it needs to shine! Plus look at the generous slathering of avocado they serve you – this is one heaping helping of the good stuff.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding: Alchemy Juice
Chocolate Avocado Pudding: Alchemy Juice

Who knew that avocado could be so scrumptious in sweets? When whipped up into a satisfying chocolate dessert, you’d never know avocado is a main component of this treat. It adds a richness and a creamy, silky texture that is simply divine and relatively guilt-free. Vegans and vegetarians – head there now!

For more info on Alchemy Juice read my post here.

Breakfast Tacos: Katalina’s
Breakfast Tacos: Katalina's

When paired with scrambled eggs, avocado can be the best part of the morning, as proven by these Breakfast Tacos. To make this dish, supersized slices of avocado are nestled atop tortillas filled with housemade chorizo, scrambled eggs, tomatillo sauce, queso fresco, crema, and pico de gallo. What better way to pry your eyes open?

For more info on Katalina’s read my post here.

High Wire Act Dog: DareDevil Dogs

Ok, you’re thinking I’m crazy at this point, right? But please just trust me – this pork brat dolloped with pineapple guacamole and bacon is seriously addictive. The salty bacon and sweet pineapple totally complement the cooling avocado, and it’s the ideal late night snack to pair with beer and tater tots.

Patacon: El Arepazo
Patacon: El Arepazo

Avocado comes standard on many of the entrees at this Latin joint, but none is more droolworthy than the patacon. Consisting of El Arepazo’s famous cilantro sauce, a fried plantain, cheese, banana peppers, mojito, lettuce, meat, and naturally, multiple avocado hunks to pull it together, this is one special (and filling) meal.

Where do you love to get your avocado fix in Columbus? Let me know on Facebook here!

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Rockmill Tavern

Rockmill Tavern

Rockmill Tavern
503 S. Front St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Top Tastes
1. Cask Aged Saison Noir
2. Tavern Burger
3. Duck Pot Pie
4. Petite Saison
5. Cheesy Biscuits and Spicy Honey

I’ve never kept my love affair with Rockmill Brewery a secret. I adore the pristine grounds, the taproom’s cozy restored barn filled with wood and flickering fireplaces, and of course, the Belgian-style beers. So I couldn’t have been more ecstatic to learn that Rockmill had acquired the old World of Beer space. With this development, Rockmill can attract some downtown clientele who may have been wary of making the trek to Lancaster, and also add food to their repertoire to pair with those fantastic beers. In many ways, the new digs mirror the original property. There is a two story loft setup, rows of Rockmill bottles,loads of barn wood, and the brewery’s logo horse motif on every surface. The vibe invites you to linger and gather with friends, just like the farm does.

Inside the Rockmill Tavern

I won’t cover the beverages too extensively, since I’ve written about the brewery operation previously, but two of my favorites are worth mentioning. For a bright and mellow brew try the Petite Saison – it specifically instructs you to pair it with sunshine, but just about any food will do. I also really enjoy the Saison Noir, a style you don’t see very frequently. The Noir has rich, malty tones without being too heavy, making it perfect for cooler weather.

Cheesy Biscuits and Spicy Honey

On to the cuisine! Our waitress informed us that the chef likes to keep the menu very small and seasonal, so there was a lot of overlap in ingredients like the duck confit and dijonnaise. However, limited doesn’t mean lacking in flavor. This is definitely not your average pub grub, with an emphasis on plating and attention to detail. For starters, a lineup of stellar salads and appetizers await; think decadent Cheesy Biscuits with pats of spicy honey butter, a charred veggie salad with citrus, or colorfully garnished Duck Deviled Eggs . Our favorite item of all was the Tavern Burger, a beef patty dripping with a luscious bacon jam and dijonnaise then stacked high with pickled onions and cheddar cheese on a soft ciabatta bun. A close rival, the Duck Pot Pie, arrives with generous chunks of confit, veggies, and gravy buried in a flaky crust with a crown of crispy kale chips. I’m normally not a meat and potatoes person, but after telling my husband I’d only be eating one bite, I promptly polished off half the entree. There will be a rotating selection of toasts, topped according to the locally available produce at the time, and some from scratch sweets as well. I love being able to say: “I’ll be back for the beer…and the food!”

Duck Pot Pie

Culinary Clue: The Brewery District is on its way to experiencing a culinary revival. Check out some of the other restaurants that are helping to revive this historic area of downtown Columbus, such as El Arepazo, home of the famous cilantro sauce, the beautiful Via Vecchia Winery event space, or perhaps Columbus Brewing’s restaurant or Brick American Kitchen.

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