Rockmill Brewery Review

5705 Lithopolis Road NorthwestRockmill Brewery
Lancaster, OH 43130
(740) 205-8076

Top Tastes:
1. Bourbon Barrel Aged Saison Noir (Limited Edition)
2. Cask Aged Tripel
3. Urban Cowboy (Limited Edition Collab with Seventh Son)
4. Saison Super
5. Petite Saison

If I had to describe Rockmill Brewery in one word, that word would be magical. The entire atmosphere at the Lancaster tap room is one that makes you feel instantly at home. The main building is a remarkable space; it is a renovated barn filled with windows and crackling fireplaces. The prowling cats and warm wood decor make this a place you can linger for hours, and you feel more like a guest in someone’s home than a paying customer.

The outdoor features at Rockmill are equally appealing. Twinkling lights and a patio with a bonfire area lend to the idyllic vibe. Feel free to take your tulip glass and explore the expansive property’s fields, a pond, and even a tiny chapel. When you’ve had your fill of Rockmill’s brew offerings, head just up the road to Rock Mill Park,┬áthe company’s namesake. There you can roam through the old grist mill and picturesque covered bridge, or take in the beauty of the waterfall and surrounding rocks.

Rockmill Brewery | Feels like homeBut enough about the setting, on to the beers! There is a focus on quality over quantity here. Rockmill doesn’t have the biggest beer catalog, but the available choices are crowd-pleasers. All of them are Belgian-style ales, due to the fact that the mineral content of the property’s water is very similar to that found in Wallonia, Belguim. Brewing and bottling are both done on site. All of their beers are very drinkable, and with some of them clocking in above 10%, you only need one or two. Can’t decide which beer sounds best? Try a flight to sample them all. Don’t miss the boozy Cask Aged Tripel or the yeasty spice of the Saison Super. The caramel, roasted complexity of the Saison Noir will leave you wanting more, and the Petite Saison’s bright citrus notes will make you long for summer and sipping weather. Rockmill also frequently partners with other local businesses with their drafts – they age some of their beers in barrels from Middle West Spirits, and even did a collaboration Belgian Stout with Seventh Son Brewing.

No food is served in the tap room, but no one will look at you askance for bringing in your own munchies. The staff is always ridiculously accommodating, and will hook you up with plates, napkins, and utensils if you forget those additions. They also host occasional dinners, but tickets for these events go quick.

The bottom line? Make the drive out to Rockmill. You won’t be disappointed by the beer or the brewery’s grounds.

Culinary Clue: Not sure what to snack on with the delicious beer options? If you go to Katzinger’s Deli in German Village and tell them you are headed to Rockmill, they will create a cheese plate that pairs with all of their brews.

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