Caroline’s Picks: 5 Bourbon Cocktails to Try

Caroline's Picks: 5 Bourbon Cocktails to Try
I’ve never been shy about the fact that I enjoy bourbon. I think it is perfect on the rocks, but I also love it in a cocktail. With bourbon’s rise in popularity, many of our local distillers have been rushing to create bourbon offerings of their own. With selections like Watershed Bourbon, OYO Bourbon Whiskey Michelone Reserve, and newcomer Mill Street Distillery Bourbon, there are certainly plenty of on-the-rocks options. But if you are looking for a blended cocktail, here are 5 bourbon-based cocktails to catch in Columbus.

Black & Blue Manhattan: Denmark on High

Black & Blue Manhattan: Denmark on High

If you love a Manhattan, try this variation on the classic. The “blue” comes from the house-made blueberry shrub, a fruit vinegar that is sous vide, or cooked in a vacuum-sealed bag, to quickly infuse the blueberry flavor.  The other ingredients are bourbon (of course), vermouth, and black walnut bitters. Tasty and pretty!

dapper dan

The Dapper Dan: Curio, Harvest Pizzeria, Harvest Kitchen + Bar

Made of Italian bitters, root beer bitters, vermouth, and Watershed Bourbon, this adult version of a root beer is one of my favorite cocktails in Columbus. It isn’t just that I love the name because it reminds me of O’ Brother Where Art Thou. The harmony of flavors is perfect, and I love the single giant cube of ice that melts just slowly enough. Bonus: it pairs wonderfully with Harvest Pizza!

The Barn

Bourbon Apple Punch: The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek

When a cocktail starts with Double Oak Bourbon, created especially for the Cameron Mitchell spot by Woodford Reserve, you know it’s going to be memorable. Add some Calvados (apple brandy), bitters, lemon, and a couple sweet and spicy syrups, and you have everything fall in a glass. Enjoy beside The Barn’s excellent fire pit for even more fun!

Orange Crush: Kraft House No. 5

Orange Crush: Kraft House No. 5

This treat, on the brunch menu at the Powell eatery, is a perfect morning drink. Consisting of bourbon, fresh squeezed OJ, vanilla bean, and egg white, it goes with any breakfast dish. Don’t let the egg white scare you, many Prohibition-era cocktails were topped this way; it adds a foamy richness and clean finish to the cocktail. If you think you don’t like bourbon, this one will change your mind.

Blackberry-infused Bourbon: Columbus Culinary Connection

Blackberry-infused Bourbon: Columbus Culinary Connection 

One of my favorite things to do with bourbon is to infuse it myself with different items like vanilla, peaches, or berries. All you have to do is add your favorite items to the bourbon, and be patient. This blackberry version is great for solo sipping, or for adding to lemonade or iced tea for a Southern twist.

So take a seat at one of the bars mentioned above and settle in for some delightful swigs of bourbon. Bourbon has been dubbed “America’s native spirit” after all!

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