Introducing: Foodie Fight Friday Trivia

It’s trivia time! Get ready for a “foodie fight,” because starting this Friday, Columbus Culinary Connection will be posting a new food-related quiz question each Friday night. Test your wits about topics related to fun and food, both locally and across the U.S. Here’s how it works:

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  • Look for the trivia question graphic on Friday nights, #foodiefightfri
  • Post your best guess for the answer (write A, B, C, D) by comment or reply
  • Correct answers will be posted in the comments on Instagram, and by reply tweet on Twitter after a number of users have answered
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Instagram Foodie Fight Friday
To whet your appetite and kick-start your brain for Friday, try your hand at the questions below. Find the answers at the bottom of the post.

1. The Circleville Pumpkin Show is one of the best Central Ohio festivals, featuring tasty pumpkin treats. What year did this favorite fall festival begin?

A. 1887            B. 1948              C. 1994           D. 1903

2. The Aztecs have been credited with being one of the first to crush peanuts into a chunky paste resembling peanut butter. Which major PB producer created the crunchy version of the spread as we know it today?

A. JIF                 B. Peter Pan      C. Skippy        D. Reese’s

3. Do you recognize this local dining hot spot? Where was this snapshot taken?
Foodie Fight Friday Graphic

A. The Crest     B. The Whitney House       C. The Crafty Pint         D. The Pearl

I love trivia, and I think it is apparent that I am obsessed with food, so this will be a match made in heaven! Start looking for the hashtag #foodiefightfri to answer and play along. Thanks for reading!

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Answer Key

  1. D    2. C     3. B