The Oilerie: Grandview

1409 Grandview Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212
Phone: (614) 824-2668

Let’s get something straight – samples are amazing. At The Oilerie in Grandview, you can taste until your heart’s content, and you will want to do exactly that. Tucked away in a strip mall off of Grandview Avenue, you would never know that this tiny spot could inspire so many recipe ideas in one visit!

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The Oilerie

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All of the olive oils from the store come from olives harvested by the same producer, whose picture is hanging on the wall. The store is a maze of tables topped with large metal dispensers called fusti. Each of these containers is filled with a perfect olive oil or vinegar; there are little cups beside the fusti for endless sampling. It is so hard to choose which ones to select – each variety seems better than the last. For olive oils, there are choices such as chili, dill, lemon, and oregano, as well as speciality oils like avocado and hazelnut. The garlic oil is the best seller, and would be perfect for all kinds of cooking: topping grilled veggies, dipping bread, or a simple drizzle on pasta. In vinegars, The Oilerie stocks flavors like blueberry balsamic, pear balsamic, raspberry balsamic and a delicious aged signature balsamic. I can’t wait to make a spinach salad with the pomegranate balsamic vinegar – yum! Once you do decide (after 30 minutes of debate and tasting, in my case) the selection will be bottled and poured in front of you. It is then sealed and labeled with the date for maximum freshness.

The Fusti at the Oilerie

Overwhelmed by all the options? The staff is happy to help you select an olive oil that is right for your needs. During my recent visit, I chatted with Harley, who gave me plenty of tips on how to use the more unusual oils in the best way (cinnamon olive oil on a baked sweet potato? Yes please!). He also told me that The Oilerie does parties, which for around $10 a person, is a great deal. They shut down the store for your group, make a few dishes using their oils and vinegars for you to devour, and then let you go taste crazy!

Tasting Cups at The Oilerie

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In the store, you will also find other tasty products like pastas, sauces, spices, and even olive oil-based skincare items. Any of their offerings would be a fabulous gift for an out-of-town friend too. I also picked up some cherry balsamic preserves that will be amazing on pork tenderloin, but I’ll be back soon for that white balsamic that I’m having insane regret that I didn’t buy.

Cherry Balsamic Sauce

Culinary Clue: Still need ideas about how to utilize that bottled goodness? Check out the Oilerie’s recipe suggestion guide here:

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