Veritas Tavern Review

Veritas Tavern Review
15 E Winter Street
Delaware, OH 43015
Phone: (740) 417 – 4074

Top Tastes:
1. Bacon Risotto
2. Confit Chicken Wings
3. Brussels Sprouts
4. Gnocchi
5. Blues and the Bees 

I love to try new and adventurous types of food, or sample an old dish presented in a new way. Veritas Tavern, located in historic downtown Delaware, has mastered this art and so much more. The tiny eatery is regularly ranked on critics’ lists as one of the top ten restaurants in Columbus, and its praise is well-deserved. Molecular gastronomy can be an intimidating concept, but don’t be afraid, because the flavors are familiar ones.

My last visit to Veritas Tavern was one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever tried in my life; every dish was a complete sensory experience of tastes, color, and aroma. Every plate is like a work of art – you almost hate messing it up by devouring it! The menu is constantly evolving, based on the chef’s whim and seasonally available ingredients, but one item is consistently on the list of offerings: Bacon Risotto. Anything with either risotto or with bacon is bound to be delectable, but this version is utterly tantalizing. The rich rice is topped with a 62 ½° egg, cooked so the yolk is perfectly runny, as well as cheddar cheese and a tiny biscuit.

Bacon Risotto | Veritas Tavern Review

Other plates are just as unique and savory. The Confit Chicken Wings are so tender they fall off the bone into the strangely wonderful blue cheese foam accompanying them. The Brussels Sprouts were unlike any I’d ever tried, sous vide (cooked in a vaccum-sealed bag to seal in the flavor) with exotic spices and butter. Next came the Gnocchi, with deep sea crab, truffles, and spinach. I was far too full for dessert, but the current offering of rhubarb panna cotta and granola was so tempting.

Confit Chicken Wings | Veritas Tavern Review

Bring some friends so that you can order all the main menu dishes and share bites of all of them, or for a special occasion, spring for the tasting menu, consisting of 8 glorious courses. The cocktail options are noteable too, with a large array of bourbons, classic gin-based delights, and even the Blues and the Bees, featuring Brothers Drake sour paw paw mead. Take a trip to Delaware, and don’t forget to stop in Veritas!

Culinary Clue: The restaurant is located in a historic building, and as a result, the seating is pretty limited. Because Veritas does not take reservations on Friday or Saturday after 6 pm, it is wise to go early or on a weeknight. You won’t want to have to witness other diners plow into the delicious food while you watch!

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Lineage Brewing Review

Lineage Brewing Reivew
2971 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43202

Top Tastes:
1. Spaceship # 6 IPA
2. Banh Mi Hand Pie
3. Bacon Spread
4. Allumé Saison
5. Ryemora Rye

Normally, Columbus Culinary Connection posts are either focused on primarily food or just on beverages. However, once I went to Lineage Brewing, I knew that I would never be able to choose which to highlight here – the brews and the food offerings are equally delicious! So here are my favorites aspects of both eating and drinking at Lineage. The interior of Lineage is ultra-modern and clean, with a garage door that they open when the weather is nice. Lots of the decor is reclaimed, or was specially created by local woodworkers for the brewery. This makes it the perfect spot to linger with friends.

Menu | Lineage Brewing Review

Let’s start with the beer. For a new brewery, there is no shortage of beer options at Lineage. I am not typically a fan of rye beers, but really enjoyed the Ryemora rye style available during my first visit. For fans of lighter beers, the Shoot-the-Chutes cream ale is super smooth, or try the fruity blackberry wheat, Scàrale. The new saison, Allumé, is a yeasty delight, and Spaceship #6 is a solid IPA option. Get a flight in one of these cool, locally made sampler boards to sip tastes of all their beer styles. The bar also carries liquor, Mad Moon Cider, and Rambling House sodas for other options.

Beer Flight | Lineage Brewing Review

When it comes to snacking, Lineage has you covered here too. You can find pretzels and chicken wings at any bar, but at this brewery, they have decided to limit the menu to a few unique items, and execute them well. Hand pies are the signature dish, in fun varieties such as samosa, duck, and Tuscan spinach. My favorite is the Banh Mi, stuffed with pork meatballs in an Asian-inspired braising sauce; it’s served with pickled veggies on the side and cilantro mayo for dipping. The bourbon-bacon spread is perfectly plated with crusty bread and a poached egg. They also just released a new baked Camembert, wrapped in Dan the Baker‘s pie crust and topped with strawberry compote, which I am dying to try. So for some interesting bar bites and great brews, head to Lineage Brewing!

Meat Pie | Lineage Brewing Review

Culinary Clue: Ride your bike here! Lineage is located right off of the Olentangy Bike Path, and has bike racks with tons of space out front. You will often catch local Clintonville residents at Lineage in biking gear, so save on gas and do the same.

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A Visit to: Pittsburgh, Part 1

A Visit To: Pittsburgh Part 1
Pittsburgh Road Trip

Columbus will forever have my heart, but it is always fun to get out and explore another foodie city. Pittsburgh is a great option because it is only 3 hours away from Cbus – great for a long weekend trip. Pittsburgh also has a thriving food and drink scene, with options for every palette and budget. So for a quick getaway, I scoured the internet for tips, checked out Drink Up Columbus to get some ideas for local watering holes, and hit the road. This post will recount the culinary side of my travels through Pittsburgh, the next post to come will discuss can’t-miss drink spots in the Steel City.

Every source I consulted told me to go to Meat and Potatoes for dinner while I was in town. How can you ignore this kind of praise? Be sure to make reservations before you arrive, seats can be hard to come by. For starters, we noshed on fried Brussels Sprouts with tangy and smooth lemon aioli, and devils on horseback, yummy bacon-wrapped dates. I was tempted by the lamb burger, but settled on the Pappardelle, topped with a chunky and warming bolognese. I was not disappointed!Brussels Sprouts and Devils on Horseback | Meat & Potatoes

At the famous Pittsburgh Public Market, I found plenty of treats to try, and some of them even made it home.  Ohio City Pasta served me up a plate of maybe my favorite pierogies ever, sprinkled with blue cheese and spinach, plus a drizzle of herbed butter. Second Breakfast had some sinful-looking chocolate waffle bites, and the Wheel and the Wedge was passing out tasty cubes of cheese. Perhaps my favorite stop was The Olive Tap. Here I scored some unusual and drool-worthy oils and vinegars. Some of the flavors? How about hot pepper, lime, or garlic-infused olive oil? Or try vinegars such as cranberry, apple balsamic, or chocolate marshmallow. The best part – you can taste little samples of all of the different types, and they will bottle the amount you want on the spot.

Grit & Grace was another memorable stop, one of the most interesting meals I’ve ever had. The concept of this joint is a Southern-Asian fusion, and the pairing was fabulous. There are roving dim sum carts, that have ready-made bites for you to snatch up and devour. I loved this concept (because I’m in a general state of starving) and grabbed kimchi. They have other tempting dishes like steam buns and short ribs with biscuits and bearnaise as well, but dessert was my favorite – salty graham crumble with yellow beet gelée.
salty graham crumble with yellow beet gelée
Another local hot spot is Butcher and the Rye. The combo of the rustic interior and upscale menu makes this restaurant a must-try. Pig Candy, a miso-caramel and pork belly confection is a great starter, and the charcuterie plate looked divine too. The Shepard’s Pie was an elevated version of the old classic, topped with potato foam, and the sea bass entree with espresso and hazelnuts was equally beguiling. I somehow managed to save room for the Meyer lemon cream cake, and was not disappointed I did.

By the time I left Pittsburgh, I was absolutely stuffed! There are many more eateries I’d like to check out the next time I visit, however. What are your favorites places to dine while visiting the Steel City?

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This is the first part of a two part series chronicling my journey through Pittsburgh. To learn more about fun things to do in Pittsburgh, click here to read part two of the series.

Find the locations I visited here:

Kittie’s Cakes Review

Kittie's Cakes Review
495 S 3rd St,
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 754-8828

Top Tastes:

1. Bacon and Cheddar Scone
2. Coconut Whoopie Pie
3. Facecookie
4. Biscuit and Jam
5. PB & J Cupcake

Cupcakes | Kittie's Cakes ReviewLet them eat cake! Kittie’s Cakes that is. While food experts might say that the popularity of the cupcake trend is falling, they have clearly never set foot in Kittie’s. This teeny but charming German Village shop has so many bakery delights that you will walk outside with half a dozen bags wondering, “What did I just do?” Because you will want to purchase one of everything.

Obviously, Kittie’s is known for their cupcakes. They are miniature in size, so you can try a multitude of flavors without guilt. Candy Bar, chocolate cake with vanilla malt buttercream and pretzels is a tasty treat, and the PB & J is exactly what you’d hope – luscious peanut butter frosting atop a raspberry jam-filled cake. You’ll gobble up the Dutch variety as well: banana-bacon-crushed red pepper cake, topped with maple buttercream icing, bourbon brown sugar and bacon. Pair any of these flavors with a growler full of the cold brew Stumptown coffee they have for sale, and you have a perfect match.

Biscuit |  Kittie's Cakes ReviewOne of Kittie’s signature items are their chocolate chip Facecookies, named because they are so immense that when held up to your face, the cookie will obscure your whole head. Bring someone to share one of these delights with you. Or not, I won’t judge. Equally scrumptious are the biscuits and jam, light biscuits with a generous dollop of jam in the middle. The scones are otherworldly too, coming in flavors like banana-nutella and cinnamon. But oh, the bacon cheddar scones! They are packed with savory, salty goodness and are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or snacking. The whoopie pie offerings at the bakery are superior too, ranging from oatmeal cream to s’mores, and my favorite, coconut.

When you do go to Kittie’s, get there early, because they often sell out of many items before closing time. The bakery is also closed on Monday and Tuesday, so be sure to stock up on goodies to last you the rest of the week. But trust me, this trip will be worth it.

Culinary Clue: The mascot for Kittie’s Cakes is Linus the Golden Retriever. This playful pooch can be spotted outside the bakery or balancing cupcakes on his nose. He even has his own faithful Instagram following – dog lovers will love his posts.

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Grapevine Pizza Review

Grapevine Pizza Review

1335 Stoneridge Dr
Gahanna, OH 43230
(614) 342-6685

Winchester Square Shopping Center
6462 Winchester Blvd
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
(614) 920-4640

Top Tastes:

1. Mother Clucker Pizza
2. GVS Pizza
3. Buffalo Chicken Pizza 
4. Antipasto Salad with House Vinaigrette 
5. Italian Sub

Pizza, in all its forms, is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. But let’s face it, buying pizza for a crowd can sometimes get pricey. Fortunately, at Grapevine Pizza, there is an emphasis on food that is budget-friendly, even for a large group. This review focuses on the newer Grapevine location in Gahanna, but definitely visit the original Canal Winchester location as well. Both joints will make a regular out of you in no time, and are extremely supportive of their local communities.

Specialty Pizza | Grapevine Pizza ReviewWeekly specials reign supreme here, with each day touting a new deal. Tuesdays are especially popular, since when you order a large pizza, you get a second large pizza for free! Monday – Thursdays are Family Meal Nights – for $19.99, 2 dinner entrees, garlic bread, and 6 chocolate chip cookies can be yours. For those that love subs, the Italian sub, complete with hot ham, smoked ham, pepperoni, salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, and house dressing, is a great choice for $5 on Wednesdays. For a lighter option, the Antipasto salad with house-made balsamic vinaigrette is sure to please.

If specialty pizzas are more your style, there are numerous options as well. They don’t shy away from the toppings here either, which is the most important part, right? The Mother Clucker is a chicken-topped treat, with the perfect amount of ranch dressing and bacon. The GVS, their best-selling pizza, includes pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onion, green peppers, and extra cheese. I also liked the Buffalo Chicken pizza, because honestly, anything with blue cheese and hot sauce is tasty!

Grapevine’s bar is immense, and it is definitely a focal point for the restaurant. Except for the recent additions of 101 Beer Kitchen and Crafted Drafts, the east side of Columbus is sorely lacking in its selection of craft beer options. Grapevine helps fill that void, with huge pours of beers like Columbus Brewing Company’s IPA for what may be the cheapest prices in town. For liquor lovers, Thursdays offer $2 margaritas too. So, if you are looking for an affordable way to get your pie and pint fix, check out Grapevine Pizza!The Bar | Grapevine Pizza Review

Culinary Clue: Having a family get-together, a surprise party, or a just want a private, casual area to get together with friends? The Gahanna location has a large party room that accommodates up to 30 people. The room is free of charge to rent, simply book it in advance, and pay a $50 deposit that you get back on your bill at the end of the event. They regularly host trivia nights as well!

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Free pizza samples were provided for this review, but all opinions are my own. 

Hot Chicken Takeover Review

Hot Chicken Takeover Review
59 Spruce St.
North Market, Second Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 800-4538

Top Tastes:

1. Wing Meal – “Hot” heat level
2. Waffles
3. Ma’s Sweet Tea
4. Banana Pudding
5. Ma’s Slaw

The Line | Hot Chicken Takeover ReviewWhat is the most elusive meal in Columbus right now? Hands down, it is Hot Chicken Takeover. This new addition to the North Market has ridiculously limited hours and sells out nearly every day.  Because it is amazing, and the pursuit is half the fun.

Hot Chicken Takeover is only open Thursday-Sunday from 11-3. They occupy a cavernous second floor space at the Market, and they need every inch of that area to accommodate the cult-like following that descends upon the building to eat HCT’s offerings. Don’t let the line intimidate you though; the line moves pretty quick, and it is worth the wait.

The concept is simple. First, pick your meal. Options include wings, drumsticks, dark, white, or boneless. Hint: get there early if you want wings, as these tend to be the first item to go. Then choose your heat level: cold, warm, hot, or holy. I was too scared to try the “holy” heat level, as the “warm” is described as being “warmer than most mediums.” But if spice is your thing, “hot” heat should be enough to satisfy you.

Hot Chicken Takeover Meal | Hot Chicken Takeover Review

All of the meal offerings are placed atop white bread. This bread acts like a sponge and soaks up all the chicken drippings, becoming soggy with flavor.  Are chicken and waffles more your style? Sub a waffle for the bread, and top your chicken with the ready supply of syrup. The sides that come with every meal are mac and cheese, Ma’s crisp and tangy slaw, and pickles. That’s it. But you won’t be disappointed by the lack of options, they are all phenomenal.

Ranch & Syrup | Hot Chicken Takeover Review

Ranch and House Syrup

I’ll also confess – when I get wings, I always get blue cheese. But the ranch at HCT is insanely good. It is creamy, delicious, and is absolutely necessary to cool down the chicken’s heat. But if the ranch isn’t enough, wash all that chicken goodness down with the sweet tea. It is perfectly sweet, and you can get as many refills as you’d like – it comes with a meal purchase. You would think in a place like this, the dessert would be overshadowed by the chicken. But the banana pudding can hold its own! If you have any room left, you must get this pudding. The salty, crunchy topping is heaven.

Believe the hype, brave the crowds, and get to Hot Chicken Takeover. Now!

Culinary Clue: Call ahead! To ensure that you don’t miss out on the limited quantities, give HCT a ring and order your food for carryout. Also, they do a great job of updating their social media account to let hungry fans know about wait times and how many meals they have left.

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Condado Tacos Review

Condado Tacos Review

1227 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201

Top Tastes:

1. Pineapple Guacamole 
2. Sweet Lucy Taco with Chicken
3. Los Sanchos Taco
4. Marigold Cocktail
5. Queso Blanco

Is there anything better in life than taco time? The only thing better than tacos is customizable tacos. Don’t trick yourself into thinking, “This concept sounds like Chipotle.” Because Condado is worlds apart from Chipotle. In a good way. With the funky Day of the Dead motifs on the walls and the ridiculously cheap prices, this new taco joint fits right in on OSU’s campus.

For starters, Condado offers the typical options of guacamole, queso, and salsa, all with different variations of each available. Opt for the Tres Amigos and you can pick any combination of three dips to share (or not share) with the table. All are served with thick housemade tortilla chips. The pineapple guacamole is particularly delightful, with a creamy texture and pops of sweetness from the pineapple. The mild queso is also satisfying, in the way that only copious amounts of cheese can be. The tequila, lemonade, and prickly pear-based Marigold is a light and refreshing cocktail to complement all this food, and the hot pink color is perfect.

Condado Taco | El Tres AmigosNow, let’s talk about the taco ordering process. It is kind of like a sushi restaurant, in that you get a sheet with a pencil, and you bubble in your choices like a 4th grade proficiency test. There is less room for error that way, since there are so many topping options. If this intimidates you, there are savory pre-made selections, like the Los Sanchos taco, complete with a hard shell, beef brisket, jicama, corn salsa, queso fresco, and Condado’s spicy secret sauce.

When making your own, start by picking your shell, or get a rice bowl. The  Sweet Lucy is good base – you get a hard taco painted with guac and queso, then wrapped with a soft tortilla. This is the best of both worlds: hard shell stability and soft shell flavor. Next, choose a protein: beef brisket, chicken, pulled pork, shrimp, chorizo, mushrooms, or tofu. Then come all the veggies: lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, jicama, and more. Add a cheese and a salsa, and then it’s time for the real goodies: sauces! Sauces range from mild chimichurri to inferno-hot ghost pepper. The chipotle honey and the cilantro lime aioli were the favorites at my table. The best part is that you get exactly what you want on your taco, no substitution guilt necessary. And the results are drool-worthy.

Condado TacoMy husband went to college in New Mexico, so he knows what good guac tastes like. His first comment after trying it was: “Can we come back here?” So the bottom line is, I’ll go back to Condado, and you should too.

Culinary Clue: North High Brewing is just down the street from Condado. After you have stuffed yourself full of Mexican deliciousness, walk to North High for some great brews.

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The Crest Gastropub Review

The Crest Gastropub
2855 Indianola Avenue
Columbus, OH 43202
(614) 261-7128

Top Tastes:
1. Honey-glazed Goat Cheese Balls
2. Shagbark Chili
3. Hot Pastrami Melt
4. BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders
5. Housemade Bloody Mary

The Crest is a restaurant that perfectly epitomizes sustainable, local food. In fact, a good portion of the items used in their dishes are grown on-site, either on the building’s rooftop garden, or in the wooden planters that line the patio area. Many of the restaurant’s condiments and sauces are made from scratch too, such as the hot sauce found right on your tabletop. If Crest doesn’t make it in-house, then the ingredient is often locally sourced.

The Crest | Honey-glazed Goat Cheese Balls

Honey-glazed Goat Cheese Balls

Let’s start with cheese. Crest has one of the best cheese-centric dishes in town: Honey-glazed Goat Cheese Balls. These one-bite wonders consist of a lightly-battered nugget of goat cheese, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with almonds for crunch. The whole thing is then placed on a teeny piece of toast with a toothpick, allowing you to get it to your mouth as quickly as possible. The ever-changing charcuterie platter is also noteworthy, as is the Mediterranean plate, filled with baba ganoush, olives, hummus, and pita. Order the Hot Pastrami Melt in order to try the killer chili garlic aioli, or just ask for a side of aioli for dipping your fries – it’s so much better than ketchup! It’s really hard for me to resist anything BBQ, and the Pulled Pork Sliders topped with cheddar, onions, and Brothers Drake BBQ sauce don’t disappoint.

The Crest | Hot Pastrami Melt

Hot Pastrami Melt

Those with dietary restrictions will enjoy the clearly labeled menu items that denote vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free items. So many places tout a salad of some kind as their sole vegetarian option, but The Crest’s selections are not lacking in flavor or originality. The Wood-fired Brie with mushrooms and walnuts and the bean-heavy Shagbark Chili make it so you don’t even notice the lack of meat.

The Crest’s beer list is one of the best in the city too. They make regular updates to their online beer list at, so you can check ahead of time to see what draft tickles your fancy. Even better, the happy hour deals are amazing, and drafts are 1/2 off after 2 pm on Sundays as well. On the cocktail front, Crest makes their own Bloody Mary mix as well as a number of housemade syrups. Try the Hello Sunshine, a marriage of Watershed Distillery Bourbon and coriander-honey syrup that will chase winter blues away.

Like 101 Beer Kitchen, Crest has a brunch menu that rivals their dinner menu. Another post to come!

Culinary Clue: While you’re at Crest, check out the Shaw Brothers, a band of supremely talented siblings that play almost every Sunday around 8:30 or 9. They play a great mix of original and popular music.

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Harvest Pizzeria: German Village Review

495 S 4th St.
Columbus, OH 43206
(614) 824-1769

I have one word for you: pizza. Pizza is a good gateway food for people who are hesitant to try a new restaurant, because it can take approachable food and turn it into something wonderful that’s not too intimidating. Harvest is especially deft at this, providing offerings that range from commonplace to creative.

Spicy Yuma

The Spicy Yuma

Top Tastes:
1. Spicy Yuma Pizza
2. Ohio Double Bacon Pizza
3. Almond Pesto Pizza
4. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
5. Butterscotch Budino

This review is focused on the original German Village location. However,stay tuned for features on the larger Clintonville location, and see my review on Harvest’s neighboring bar, Curio.

There is a focus on local ingredients here, and many of the veggies, meats, and cheeses are sourced from central Ohio. Start with a generous portion of the smooth Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, plated with carrots and flaxseed crackers. This will help save room for the main event, the pizza. Harvest’s crust is lightly charred from the wood-fired oven, and is light with the perfect amount of chewiness. Heat seekers should order the Spicy Yuma, topped with a chipotle-spiked sauce, corn, chorizo, roasted peppers, cheese, and jalapenos. Don’t miss the Ohio Double Bacon, because…there are two kinds of bacon, of course. Vegetarians and meat lovers alike will appreciate the simplicity of the Almond Pesto pizza, featuring spinach and artichokes. Furthermore, like Harvest on Facebook to see what they are featuring for the pizza of the day. Some of the best pies I’ve tried have been a limited-time special, which can range from a Cuban-inspired pork to a fiery yellow curry delight.

Save room for dessert, especially for the Butterscotch Budino. This Italian pudding is drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with a dollop of whipped cream, but the vanilla sea salt and almonds are the stars of this dish. I am such a sucker for a good sweet and salty combo.

Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan Cocktail

Don’t skip out on libations either. If you are a beer drinker, Harvest has paired with Elevator Brewing to create Harvest Pale Ale, which is lightly-hopped and refreshing. The cocktail menu is worthy of praise too. The Front Porch Tea combines a traditional Arnold Palmer with Columbus’ own OYO stonefruit vodka, while the Dapper Dan’s root beer bite will delight any bourbon lover.

Culinary Clues: Both Harvest locations are closed on Sundays. Don’t be like me, and rush out to get your pizza fix for Sunday Funday, and then have your hopes and dreams crushed by the realization that the Harvest staff takes a well-deserved day of rest on Sundays. During the work week, don’t miss the $7 lunch pizza special either!

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101 Beer Kitchen Review

101 Beer Kitchen

101 Beer Kitchen
7509 Sawmill Rd.
Dublin, OH 43016
(614) 210-1010

Top Tastes:

1. Loaded Housemade Tater Tots
2. Housemade Soft Pretzels
3. Seasonal Mussels
4. Green Chili
5. Shrimp + Grits

Loaded Housemade Tater Tots

Loaded Housemade Tater Tots

For my inaugural post, I had to pick a restaurant that would appeal to everyone. And I mean everyone. If you can’t find something on the menu at 101 Beer Kitchen that sounds fantastic, there is something wrong with you. Plus, they have teamed up with some of the best breweries to create some delicious beer-pairing dinners (next on my Columbus to-do list).

As a craft beer lover on a quest to not drink the same beers over and over, it can sometimes be difficult to find one that I haven’t previously sampled. At 101 they have about 20 rotating taps, in addition to awesome cocktails; some even have beer in them! The bar seems to have an especially intriguing selection of foreign beers (most of which I embarrass myself attempting to pronounce) from which I can generally find an untried variety.  And oh, the food. I am still undecided whether I am more obsessed with 101’s dinner menu or the brunch selections.

A few of my favorite dinner items:
For starters, they have tater tots. Yes, tater tots. Except these are the best tots ever, made for adults and pairing with cold brews. They are crispy on the outside with a pillowy potato inside, sprinkled with cheese, green onions, pork croutons (some stellar form of crunchy bacon cubes), and a squirt of Sriracha mayo.  The Housemade Soft Pretzels are another irresistible choice, topped with salt and caraway, and served with a beer cheese spread on the side.

Housemade Soft Pretzels

Housemade Soft Pretzels

Many of the entrees change seasonally, but they always feature a steamed mussel dish of some kind. This winter’s mussels selection has a shallot beer broth accompanied by fries and a piece of sourdough bread to mop up the leftover sauce. The pork and tomatillo-laden Green Chili has a pleasant heat that will warm you up instantly. It is served with corn tortillas for dunking. The beet chips, a side item to many of the winter sandwiches, are also a delight, and allow you to pretend you are being healthy. There is also the can’t-miss shrimp and grits, which is a hard dish for us Northerners to nail. The combo of andouille sausage and cheddar grits will guarantee a return visit to 101 BK.

Green Chili

Green Chili

The brunch menu is a more recent addition to 101’s repertoire, and is equally mouth-watering. Another post about this to come!  Also, look for the new Gahanna location coming in March 2015.

The bottom line is that 101 Beer Kitchen puts a unique twist on items that are familiar to all. They make food that is innovative enough for the adventurous diner, but approachable enough for a picky eater.

Culinary clue: If you plan on going during peak times, reservations are not available, but they do offer call-ahead seating. This way, you can get on the wait-list and the hostess will text you when your table is ready.

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