Veritas Tavern Review

Veritas Tavern Review
15 E Winter Street
Delaware, OH 43015
Phone: (740) 417 – 4074

Top Tastes:
1. Bacon Risotto
2. Confit Chicken Wings
3. Brussels Sprouts
4. Gnocchi
5. Blues and the Bees 

I love to try new and adventurous types of food, or sample an old dish presented in a new way. Veritas Tavern, located in historic downtown Delaware, has mastered this art and so much more. The tiny eatery is regularly ranked on critics’ lists as one of the top ten restaurants in Columbus, and its praise is well-deserved. Molecular gastronomy can be an intimidating concept, but don’t be afraid, because the flavors are familiar ones.

My last visit to Veritas Tavern was one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever tried in my life; every dish was a complete sensory experience of tastes, color, and aroma. Every plate is like a work of art – you almost hate messing it up by devouring it! The menu is constantly evolving, based on the chef’s whim and seasonally available ingredients, but one item is consistently on the list of offerings: Bacon Risotto. Anything with either risotto or with bacon is bound to be delectable, but this version is utterly tantalizing. The rich rice is topped with a 62 ½° egg, cooked so the yolk is perfectly runny, as well as cheddar cheese and a tiny biscuit.

Bacon Risotto | Veritas Tavern Review

Other plates are just as unique and savory. The Confit Chicken Wings are so tender they fall off the bone into the strangely wonderful blue cheese foam accompanying them. The Brussels Sprouts were unlike any I’d ever tried, sous vide (cooked in a vaccum-sealed bag to seal in the flavor) with exotic spices and butter. Next came the Gnocchi, with deep sea crab, truffles, and spinach. I was far too full for dessert, but the current offering of rhubarb panna cotta and granola was so tempting.

Confit Chicken Wings | Veritas Tavern Review

Bring some friends so that you can order all the main menu dishes and share bites of all of them, or for a special occasion, spring for the tasting menu, consisting of 8 glorious courses. The cocktail options are noteable too, with a large array of bourbons, classic gin-based delights, and even the Blues and the Bees, featuring Brothers Drake sour paw paw mead. Take a trip to Delaware, and don’t forget to stop in Veritas!

Culinary Clue: The restaurant is located in a historic building, and as a result, the seating is pretty limited. Because Veritas does not take reservations on Friday or Saturday after 6 pm, it is wise to go early or on a weeknight. You won’t want to have to witness other diners plow into the delicious food while you watch!

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