Kittie’s Cakes Review

Kittie's Cakes Review
495 S 3rd St,
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 754-8828

Top Tastes:

1. Bacon and Cheddar Scone
2. Coconut Whoopie Pie
3. Facecookie
4. Biscuit and Jam
5. PB & J Cupcake

Cupcakes | Kittie's Cakes ReviewLet them eat cake! Kittie’s Cakes that is. While food experts might say that the popularity of the cupcake trend is falling, they have clearly never set foot in Kittie’s. This teeny but charming German Village shop has so many bakery delights that you will walk outside with half a dozen bags wondering, “What did I just do?” Because you will want to purchase one of everything.

Obviously, Kittie’s is known for their cupcakes. They are miniature in size, so you can try a multitude of flavors without guilt. Candy Bar, chocolate cake with vanilla malt buttercream and pretzels is a tasty treat, and the PB & J is exactly what you’d hope – luscious peanut butter frosting atop a raspberry jam-filled cake. You’ll gobble up the Dutch variety as well: banana-bacon-crushed red pepper cake, topped with maple buttercream icing, bourbon brown sugar and bacon. Pair any of these flavors with a growler full of the cold brew Stumptown coffee they have for sale, and you have a perfect match.

Biscuit |  Kittie's Cakes ReviewOne of Kittie’s signature items are their chocolate chip Facecookies, named because they are so immense that when held up to your face, the cookie will obscure your whole head. Bring someone to share one of these delights with you. Or not, I won’t judge. Equally scrumptious are the biscuits and jam, light biscuits with a generous dollop of jam in the middle. The scones are otherworldly too, coming in flavors like banana-nutella and cinnamon. But oh, the bacon cheddar scones! They are packed with savory, salty goodness and are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or snacking. The whoopie pie offerings at the bakery are superior too, ranging from oatmeal cream to s’mores, and my favorite, coconut.

When you do go to Kittie’s, get there early, because they often sell out of many items before closing time. The bakery is also closed on Monday and Tuesday, so be sure to stock up on goodies to last you the rest of the week. But trust me, this trip will be worth it.

Culinary Clue: The mascot for Kittie’s Cakes is Linus the Golden Retriever. This playful pooch can be spotted outside the bakery or balancing cupcakes on his nose. He even has his own faithful Instagram following – dog lovers will love his posts.

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