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For the new year, I buckled down and did a juice cleanse with sambaFRESH juices…and I am finally getting around to writing about it. I love juice and had been wanting to see if I could actually follow through and do a multi-day cleanse. The answer, surprisingly, was yes! My husband was out of town for a work trip and so it seemed like the perfect time – he is a total food enabler and I always end up wanting to bake when he is around. For my needs, I went with the workplace cleanse so I had 4 juices during the day with a light salad at night. The New Albany location was the most convenient for me, and the staff there was super awesome. They explained how everything worked in great detail (a relief for a first-time cleanser like myself) and labeled the order to drink each juice for me. I also had a horrible sinus infection, and sambaFRESH hooked me up with some immunity booster shots with lemon, honey, and ginger to help clear up my cold!

sambaFRESH Immunity

When I headed home with my juices, I started to worry since I enjoy fruits, but some of the bottles were really green (read: would they taste like veggies I hate?). Many of the juices were available to sample before purchase, but there was no way to try them all, plus I wanted to follow the recommended plan. Also, I was nervous about being starving during the three day stretch – I don’t do hangry well. Once I started though, I have to say if you keep busy during the day and drink your juices on time, you won’t be hungry. You might miss the process and routine of eating, but you should not be ravenous.

sambaFRESH Proteina

My favorite juice was the first one of the day: G.L.O. (grapefruit, lemon, orange). I could kick off each morning with a G.L.O. juice, seriously. It was bright, citrusy, and refreshing. I am not addicted to morning coffee, so I didn’t miss the caffeine, but this juice helped perk me up. The other flavors I looked forward to were A.B.C. (apple, beet, and carrot) and the dessert-like vanilla Proteina (cashews, filtered water, cinnamon, maca, medjool dates, vanilla). I even liked the Rio, which had me nervous since cucumber is the bane of my existence. The pear and lemon must have helped hide the evil cucumber just enough! The only juice I didn’t care for was the Detox, I think because of the fennel. I actually ended up having a Tonico (tumeric, orange, lemon, filtered water, pineapple) left after the three days because I wasn’t hungry for it, so I drank it the next day for breakfast. Win!


Could I cleanse all the time? No. I am too obsessed with eating pizza. However, I am looking forward to incorporating more juices into my diet, and I would definitely try another cleanse. It is a good way to hold yourself accountable and hit the reset button when you are feeling a little sluggish. Have questions about doing a juice cleanse? Shoot me an email or contact me on social media to chat! I’d love to hear more about your juice experiences too.

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