OH! Burgers Review

OH! Burger Review
5641 Davidson Rd
Hilliard, Oh 43026

Top Tastes:

1. Spicy Korean Burger
2. OH! Chips
3. Carolina BBQ Burger
4. OH! Burger
5. Vegged-Out Burger

Let’s face it: everyone lovers burgers. They are delicious, portable, and easy to cram with your favorite toppings.  The only thing better than burgers are sliders, because you can sample lots of different kinds of burgers! Fortunately for me, one of my favorite mini-burger joints in town is mobile and often found at local breweries. You may have guessed it – I am referring to OH! Burgers! I tracked down OH! Burgers at Land-Grant Brewing (Hint: Download the Street Food Finder app to see when and where you can catch OH! Burgers or check out the website here: http://streetfoodfinder.com/). These bite-size treats may be little, but they pack a flavor punch.OH! Burgers

The most important part of a burger is arguably the patty. It is the anchor of the sandwich, and if that component is terrible, it ruins the whole thing.  But OH! Burgers’ meat is well-seasoned and high-quality. The signature OH! Burger (beef patty, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and mayo) and the Vegged-Out (black bean, rice and quinoa burger with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and dijon mustard ) are always on the menu, and the other limited-time sliders rotate in and out. The classic OH! Burger is simple and tasty, and even meat-lovers won’t be disappointed by the vegetarian-friendly Vegged-Out offering. The Carolina BBQ was messy but yummy, dripping with Carolina BBQ sauce, Swiss cheese, and sauteed onions.

OH! Burger MenuThis was the menu on the night of my visit, but I have also indulged in other burger features on separate occasions. The Spicy PB & J (spicy apricot jelly, peanut butter and bacon) was wonderfully sweet and fiery at the same time, and the Bacon and Blue with beef, blue cheese, bacon, sautéed onions, and sliced granny smith apple was equally satisfying. I am obsessed with anything kimchi lately, so i loved the Spicy Korean, consisting of beef, spicy kimchi from Ajumama Food Truck, pepper jack cheese, and mayo.

When it comes to the sides, the chips are ridiculously addictive as well. They were so good in fact, that I scarfed them down before I even remembered to take a picture. The chips have such a loyal group of followers that the owners of OH! Burgers launched OH! Chips to mass-produce the crunchy snacks. Don’t skip out on trying the garlic dip for the mix of kettle and sweet potato chips, either. Catch up with OH! Burgers at a spot near you soon, and support a local burger business instead of a fast food chain!

Culinary Clue: Can’t get enough of OH! Chips? You can find them by the bag around town at places like Strongwater Food and Spirits, The Ohio Taproom, The Hills Market and at OSU Football concession stands.

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