Flowers & Bread

Flowers & Bread
3870 N High St
Columbus, OH 43214
(614) 262-5400

Top Tastes

1. Citrus Focaccia
2. Chocolate Bundt Cake
3. Mini Wheat Loaves with Butter and Fig-Apple Jam
4. Bacon Jam and Brie Sandwich
5. Lemon Lavender Scones

Clintonville’s newest bakery is combining all the pretty things in one spot, with baked goods, hydrangeas, and a cozy atmosphere. Beauty in simplicity rings true here; every element is aesthetically pleasing and not too stuffy. Flowers & Bread is open, airy, and filled with fresh floral arrangements created by the shop. You can pick up these same bundles of flowers to gussy up your own table at home.

Fresh Baked Items from Flowers & Bread

The bakery counter is small, but it’s churning out some seriously toothsome treats. On the breakfast front, don’t miss the delicate lemon lavender scones or the monkey bread muffins. I’m also crazy about the citrus focaccia, a fun twist on the typical savory bread sprinkled with pomegranate and punchy citrus segments. If you’re looking for lunch, sample the daily soup selections or the baguette sandwiches. Try the bacon jam and brie sammie with arugula and ham, or the deliciously Spartan radish, butter, and chives version. Finish with the tiny, tender chocolate bundt cakes; the accompanying gold silverware with intricate scrollwork makes every bite a treat. Take home a mini loaf of Semolina bread, with a crispy exterior and soft center. It’s the ideal item for breakfast the next day when slathered with house butter and fig-apple jam.

Outside of Flowers & Bread

Recently, Flowers & Bread has started offering “date nights,” featuring dishes created with the on-site wood-fired oven. Normally the shop closes at 3 or 4, but these special events are held at night and are BYOB. Menu items have included delectable-sounding smoky oysters, roasted hen, chocolate caramel lava cake, and champagne berries. I will have to try one of the offered cooking or floral arrangement classes soon as well. Topics range from flower crown-making to homemade marmalades and soups.

Butter + Jame | Flowers & Bread

Don’t wait to try this place – it’s one part carryout French bistro and one part dream kitchen with a florist’s touch.

Culinary Clue: Get to the shop as early as you can. They just added additional morning hours, and because of the bakery’s popularity things can get a little hectic at times. Going early or during a non-peak hour can help beat the crowds!

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