Challah Food Truck

Challah Food Truck
(614) 579-0601

Top Tastes:

1. Pastrami, Egg, and Cheese on Challah
2. Smoked Salmon Club
3. Schmaltz Fried Potatoes
4. Seventh Son Brisket Sandwich
5. Latkes

The Challah Food Truck

Everything about Challah food truck screams fun. I am a sucker for a good pun, and you can’t say the truck’s name without wanting to add an exclamation point on the end, or yell “holla!” with glee while you nosh on their delicious eats.

Most recently, I caught up with Challah at Seventh Son for brunch. The Jewish comfort food-inspired cuisine here will satisfy every morning craving you’ve ever had, guaranteed. Brunch is a great way to kick off your day, and to me, there is nothing more quintessentially brunch than a runny egg sandwich. My favorite item by far at Challah is the Egg and Cheese Sandwich on challah bread, with pastrami added. This treat is anchored by a soft challah roll, the base of any good sandwich. The next layer is yummy herby mayo, cheese, and a latke, a crunchy potato pancake that adds a nice texture to the dish. You can order the latkes on their own too, with one of the sandwich sauces for dunking. The sandwich is topped with a perfectly dippy egg, which oozes out over the meat (note to self: get more napkins next time).  The pastrami is tender and peppery, plus it paired amazingly with my Seventh Son New Horizon Rye beer, by the way.

Challah Egg and Cheese Sandwich

If you are looking for smoked salmon, pick up the smoked salmon club. This unique take on a club has smoked salmon, escarole, tomato, mayo, fried red onion, and LAMB BACON. As a bacon lover, I was incredibly surprised to enjoy the lamb version that Challah slaps on the sandwich. I am also partial to the Seventh Son Brisket sandwich. It consists of cheese, truck-made brisket, and tangy pickled veggies, along with a squirt of horseradish mayo for dipping purposes. Order the schmaltz fried potatoes on the side, which are super flavorful and perfectly crispy. Brunch aspirations are set!

The Seventh Son Brisket Sandwich from Challah

I’ve also heard tales of the truck stocking chicken and waffles ice cream, which I have yet to catch, but would love to try! If you are looking for a great brunch that is totally different from the typical food truck experience, head to Challah.

Culinary Clue: Chef Catie appeared on a recent food truck episode of Cutthroat Kitchen. This Food Network TV show pits chefs against each other in series of challenges, and they specially sought after the Challah creator! Catch her appearance on The Truck Stops Here episode.

Chef Catie on Food Network

One meal was been provided by Challah, but all opinions in this review are my own. Download the Street Food Finder app to see where you can find Challah.

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