5 Columbus Bacon Dishes to Try

5 Bacon Dishes
When it comes to bacon dishes, I’ve tried it all. This year’s Ohio Bacon Fest at the Columbus Commons was my dream, and I sampled everything from bacon pecan pie made by The Pearl to bacon-cheddar popcorn courtesy of Pam’s North Market Popcorn. Knowing my weakness for anything bacon-related, a friend even bought me bacon dental floss once (it’s probably not approved by the American Dental Association). But what if you are looking for a bacon fix at one of Columbus’ local restaurants in the meantime? Here are some of my favorite dishes that can satisfy those cravings for meat candy any time.

Katalina’s Original Sweet & Spicy Bacon

Katalinas Sweet and Spicy Bacon

One of my go-to breakfast spots in Cbus is Katalina’s, and nothing pairs better with pancake balls or avocado tacos than Katalina’s Original Sweet & Spicy Bacon. The bacon is served in thick slices, is crisp but still has a good amount of chewiness, and is slathered in a mix of sticky and savory spices. It is way too addictive, do not plan on sharing. http://www.katalinascafe.com/

Lamb Bacon at Brassica

Lamb Bacon at Brassica

Bacon doesn’t have to be traditional to be delicious. The lamb bacon at Brassica is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Who knew bacon belonged with pitas and hummus and even spicy carrots? The kitchen makes the lamb bacon themselves, curing it and brushing on a tasty pepper glaze. You won’t miss the pork here; this delight is smoky and wonderful. http://brassicashortnorth.com/

Chocolate Bacon Donut at Destination Donuts

Chocolate Bacon Donut at Destination Donuts

As any true bacon aficionado will tell you, bacon can go well in desserts and other sugary applications! Everyone likes a sweet and salty combo, and Destination Donuts knows how to play that game. Order their Chocolate Bacon donut for the most mouthwatering breakfast you’ve ever imagined. Think tender dough, dark chocolate, and crunchy bacon bits. Heaven! http://www.destinationdonuts.com/

Bacon Risotto at Veritas Tavern

Bacon Risotto from Veritas Tavern

If there’s one thing I can guarantee in this life, it’s that bacon + runny egg + risotto = sheer perfection. At Veritas Tavern, they coax every bit of bacony goodness out when preparing their Bacon Risotto, and the end result is spectacular. If you’ve been told that classy restaurants can’t do bacon, let this Delaware spot prove naysayers wrong. http://www.veritastavern.com/menus/

Bacon Breakfast Sausage Patties at Blystone Farm

Bacon Breakfast Sausage patties at Blystone Farm

If you like to whip up bacon-centric meals at home, check out the Bacon Breakfast Sausage patties at Blystone Farm in Canal Winchester. This local butcher gives you the best of both worlds by grinding up bacon into their house sausage mix, which are the perfect size for sliders or breakfast munching. They also sell slabs of their bacon, which is so tempting as well. http://blystonefarm.com/

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