2016 Hot List

2016 Hot List

It’s my dining bucket list! This compilation contains some eateries that are brand-new and some fan favorites that I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t sampled yet. The thing I’m looking forward to the most about 2016 is discovering more Columbus cuisine and returning to the restaurants that I love.

Restaurants to Try

Salt & Pine:  http://saltandpine250.com
From ricotta gnudi to short ribs, every photo I’ve seen of the dishes here make my mouth water. Plus with Harvest Pizzeria as a sister restaurant, what could go wrong?

Krema:  http://www.krema.com
I’m obsessed with peanut butter anything, so I’m mystified that I haven’t made it to Krema before. With all kinds of peanut butter sandwiches and milkshakes too, this place sounds like my personal paradise.

Copious:  http://www.copiouscolumbus.com
This 2015 newcomer pops up on my radar constantly, so its menu must be pretty magical. Crab Dip? Duck Confit Risotto? Count me in.

Tai Tiki:  http://www.taitiki.com
Everything about Tai Tiki is tempting! They have seafood-heavy selections, and fruity, pineapple-garnished drinks. Who doesn’t want to be transported to the tropics in the dead of Ohio winter?

Kolache Republic:  http://kolacherepublic.com
The Czech bakery’s kolache are yeast dough pockets filled with sweet or savory goodies. I’m sure either kind will be divine.

Angry Bear Kitchen:  http://www.angrybearkitchen.com
Innovated dishes are the name of the game here, and I’m dying to check it out. Items like chicken-fried squash or grilled strawberry sauce sound wildly unique.

Sunflower Chinese Restaurant:  http://www.columbussunflower.com
I’m crazy for dim sum, so why haven’t I been here yet? This Dublin spot is touted as the best dim sum restaurant in town, and trying one of everything is the key to my heart.

Sweet Carrot:  http://sweetcarrotcolumbus.com
The beloved food truck turned brick-and-mortar in Grandview this year, and I’m intrigued by their offerings. Corn cakes and macaroni and cheese sound right up my alley.

Restaurants to Revisit

Here are some spots that I love, but that I’ve neglected lately. Each of these locations deserves a second or third visit, ASAP.

Guild House:  http://www.theguildhousecolumbus.com
I’ve enjoyed a remarkable happy hour at this beautiful Cameron Mitchell staple, but to gain a real appreciation for this spot, I need to come back for the full meal experience.

Denmark on High:  http://www.denmarkonhigh.com
It’s been far too long since I stopped back into Denmark, where my husband and I used to be regulars. The house-made cocktail components really shine through, and they serve up a mean charcuterie plate.

Charcuterie Plate from Denmark

Hounddog’s 3 Degree Pizza:  http://www.hounddogspizza.com
They know how to make a pie at this campus-area dive. Oh Smokin’ Joe’s crust, how I miss you. Can we get back together soon?

Veritas Tavern:  http://www.veritastavern.com
Every course I ate at Veritas Tavern this year blew my mind and the menu changes seasonally, so a return visit is definitely in order.

Veritas Tavern in Deleware

Lola and Giuseppe’s Trattoria:  http://www.lolas-italian.com
The teeny Gahanna gem is one of the best Italian spots in the city, but doesn’t get enough recognition. I could survive on the sweet onion bisque alone for at least a week.

The Refectory:  http://www.therefectoryrestaurant.com
It’s been forever since I’ve stopped into this upscale French classic. For my next special occasion meal, you’ll find me here.

Mikey’s Late Night Slice:  http://www.latenightslice.com/
I’m always in the mood for some Mikey’s. With the opening of the Fourth Street location with an expanded menu, there’s no time like the present!

Late Night Slice

What restaurants are must-try places for you in 2016? Have you been to any of these joints?

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